Asatru/Heathen -useful links

Some links you will find useful: for those with an interest in the runes, then this is the group to join. is a new resource, but seems to have great depth is probably the best online Rune resource out there. is a great Asatru resource to learn all about the basics of Asatru. another great site to learn about Asatru is a great rune resource  is one of the best Asatru resources out there. is a good resource and very useful to friends and family who want to know more about Asatru. is a fantastic resource but not the easiest site to navigate so explore! is a Frigg centric site but with a great set of resources and some good viewpoints. has most of the core texts essential to your study of ancient documented lore. is one of the best sites I’ve ever found…period.


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