Proximity to history

I have just checked in at my hotel for the night. I hate and despise staying hotels. I dislike travel and will pretty much refuse to fly. Tonight’s hotel at least has one redeeming feature- its proximity to history.

Here in Holburn, I find myself across the road from the legendary Atlantis bookshop, the British museum, and the British library. Whilst the Atlantis bookshop has never held much reverence for myself, the other two do.

The Atlantis bookshop is certainly old and has had some truly magi through its doors over the years. For those that keep note of these things, I do not count Gerald Gardner amongst these. I have never found the store to be that alluring or offer a vast selection. Other stores nearby do however.

Both the museum and library are however home to some historic articles, items, and texts. Tonight, upon my return to the room, I will perform a shamanic journey into the secret vaults of these institutions. Who knows what wights and past masters I will find lingering around these places. I can surely not miss this opportunity to tap into psychic energy and remnants of past magi being so very, very close by.


Edgy Seidr work

In an attempt to take my seidr work beyond its current limits I have integrated technology. Gone is the shamanic tribal drumming and in its place I have began using a brainwave stimulation programme that produces a series of alpha, beta, and theta waves according to the desired effect. I overlay these with an ambient track for an intense journey.

Admittedly, using Sunn 0)))’s Black One album as backing was either brave or stupid. The soundtrack to the end of the manifest realm is slightly disturbing at first when utilised in this means. I have never been afraid during a seidr journey before. Seeing entities in a state of decay and receiving the explanation that they are dissolving into the new year and the remanifestation that is due was extremely symbolic yet unnerving.

Will I use the album again? Yes of course. Will to power shall overcome. Only through facing the darkness will we illuminate and understand it.

Check out Sunn 0)))

Evolving meditation

I’ve recently been altering my meditation routines. They have now become one of either two core practical approaches.

To be clear, the first approach is not strictly a meditation. I do sometimes use it to access another plane where I then seek a place to meditate. It would be fair to describe such as meditating within meditation. The practice is essentially that of Seidr journeying. In an approach utilising Plato’s cave, I journey through the image of a camp fire within a cave. Listening to a shamanic drumming track on a pair of headphones (with or without a background track mixed in that is designed to stimulate various brain phases of activity that I have deemed suitable), or occasionally using my own drum to a similar effect, I enter an altered state and embark upon my astral journey. I have a small grove outside of the cave with a guardian to whom I always make my first call. Here I am also constructing an Temple on the astral plane. The temple is designed to function as per the initiatory philosophical schools of the ancient world. Here is where I also enter the eternal forest and access the world tree, Yggdrasil. Naturally, Yggdrasil also provides the means by which I can contact and access the other realms.

The second and much more common approach is that of true meditation. A series of breathing exercises, centring the energies in conjunction with some Qi Gong/Tai Chi that often embodies some Runic Yoga forms and then the lighting of the flame. The flame is lit both within the minds eye (the Black Flame is raised to an inferno) and the physical lighting of either a red or black candle. Colour choice is dependant upon the purpose of the meditation. Any Vitki will understand the significance of the colours. Music plays in the background and generally consists of dark ambient — Sunn O))), Wardruna, Lustmord, Wolves in the Throne Room, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the Hellraiser theme, Agalloch, Ulver, Drudkh, Wagner, Gynt and a few others. It’s all suitably dark, atmospheric and absolutely mind-fucking at times. Staring at a combination of the candle flame and the combined reflection of the flame and my face in an obsidian sphere, I enter a meditative state. The purposes of the meditation vary from clarity of mind, reasoning and inspiration, focusing of the will, philosophical musings, and invocation of archetypes into contact with my psyche. The invocations are generally combined with the tattooing of the daemons sigil upon the inside of my left arm (please note I use Henna for this and not a permanent tattoo).

Will I eventually descend into insanity? Yes, I am sure I will. The question that I find interesting is thus– many great minds in the world that have been deemed as being or becoming insane. Did they go insane as a result of their minds elevation above the mundane or were they intellectually gifted as a result of a background insanity allowing them to function differently to the masses? It’s an interesting and unanswerable question. What of my sanity? Some may already say that I am. My father had mental health issues and my brother is bi-polar. You may say that I am pre-disposes to such a likelihood. Insanity may just be the manifestation of the brain working on a level that it no longer function correctly here in Midgard. Am I already there? I have not yet managed to make the flame leap from one candle to another purely by my will and the transfer of electrical stimulation from my mind to the atoms comprising the combustion. One day…

The Great Work

From Hemetic magi, through Abramelin, Crowley and into the present- the Great Work has been the focus of those seeking the truth. Some seek a connection with their daimon, some seek immortality and of course some seek power. Either way the work is the same.

Meditation is the dominant methodology of the work, but I also find the shamanic like trance work of Seidr to also be extremely usefu in this field. Where meditation allows the focus of the mind/self upon a goal and has potential for revelation- Seidr combines this with an element of the benefits to be gained through the workings of Hermetic ceremony. I have a realm through which I can not only access Yggdrasil and seek beings/wights to assist me in my work, but also I am able to visualise far greater ceremonial work here than is practical in the confinements of the physical plane of Midgard.

I’m sure that many will frown upon this, but it is my way. I do not expect it to work for anyone else- if it doe so, then good.

Seidr travels

As you may recall, I’ve recently began working on the skill of seidr. Inspired by Runic John and Jenny Blain, I’ve taken to this practice.

I have found that much of what constitutes seidr is actually what I had been doing by myself when sitting down for a meditation- I have rarely sat and meditated upon the image or meaning of an object etc, but after doing Thorsson’s series of meditations upon my own psyche and the runes, I had began meditation that involved a journey along the pathways of Yggdrasil to seek advice and enhance learning. Only now do I know that this is not too far removed from the practive of seidr- I was even using a shamanic drumming mp3 in order to assist my meditations.

One things I have found immensely useful is the frithstead I have found courtesy of Runic John’s work. I have quickly worked here to create a temple which I can use for my rituals. This is incredibly useful when I am unable to sip from the horn and sing galdr in public. I’ve only began to learn the methods and benefits to seidr and especially my frithsstead, but I know this much- this, like the runes, is something I will master as Odin has done so before us.

May ravens guide my way.

Spiritual and magical development

In forming my own system of training for both mind and will, I’ve accelerated the schedule of reading thanks to the kindle app on my ipad.

Some great books I’ve been reading are:

Beyond Good & Evil by Nietzsche- a great book on morality and I almost clapped for joy at the definition of slave/master morality. The master morality approach is definitely aligned with my own here.

the Book of Seidr by Runic John- a brilliant book that developed the system of meditation I had already began without realising it was along the lines of Seidr.

Raja Yoga by Yogi Ramachakara- an old book, but a brilliant introduction to the power of Raja yoga and the realisation that our bodies and minds are just tools for us to use. We are not our bodies. We are immortal and invulnerable.

Liber ABA book 4 by Crowley- Crowley’s definitive magical text in my opinion. Not everything is valid for myself and I believe there are elements of chaotic text thrown in purposely to deceive and deter the unworthy individual, but I sincerely believe Crowley is not only the most understood of British heroes of the last 100 years, but was in fact one of the greatest minds that these isles ever produced.

It is my opinion, that in order to develop both the powers of our might and main, then we must also develop our spiritual understanding and self-awareness as well as simply harvesting knowledge of herbs, ritual etc. and this is the reasoning behind my interests in yoga, qi gong, philosophy, art and music.



I’ve recently reached a level of knowledge regarding the Elder Futhark that I am extremely happy with. Before commencing upon an equal understanding of the other Futhark’s, I feel the need to master another skill.

I have chosen Seidr. I have done elements of Seidr previously as a diversion from meditation, but I have decided I should now master this art regardless of the ‘ergi’ association. I have began with the works of Runic John and will look at those of Jenny Blain and Diane Paxson next.

The hope here is that not only will I expand my skill set, but that this will bring me closer to the gods and provide me with further insight into the runes etc.


I have recently began focussing on some path-working.

Combining some elements of qi gong, shamanic drumming and galdr- I believe I have formulated my own form of Seidr. As we know little of how Seidr was practised 1000 years ago, I have had to take that which we know and add elements that work, whilst feeling ‘right’, from elsewhere.

The sessions have been most productive. Without going into too much details, the journeys were of a personal developmental nature, I seem to be finding it easier to obtain the correct mental state and the results are pleasing at this point. Of course, there are advisors that Seidr should never be done alone and I can agree with them in some aspects. I have my routines, but most importantly my will power. With these, I believe I am safe. Until I find a religio-magical group with which to work, or form my own as per a current thought process and developed plan/structure, then I will continue to work alone on this. Progress can not be stopped simply because one has no safety rope for the climb.