Ancient Skull from China May Rewrite Origin of Humans

New analysis of an ancient hominin skull found in China may prove that humans originated in Asia or that two lines of Homo sapiens formed independently.

Source: Ancient Skull from China May Rewrite Origin of Humans

and the research journal publication for additional credibility:


Such is just further weight towards the notion that you must question everything!  It is never enough to believe what you are told — you must research, investigate, and analyse for yourself.  Draw your own conclusions.  Trust the words of a man in a lab-coat as much as you would those of a man wearing a sign stating “the end is nigh!”.



This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits — ScienceDaily

An interesting report, linked below from

The scientific notion of a link between the brains pleasure/reward systems and religious experience draws parallels to the same activation of these systems through the experiences of addiction, love and orgasm.  The question must be then asked if this link is the root of the religious allegory of ‘love thyself’?  Is the path to deity through the orgiastic embrace of the Dionysian?  Perhaps we find clues in the mythological tales around the world, where creation occurs as a result of a deific masturbation.  Such would ultimately verify the validity of sexio-magical ritual in bringing forth the manifestation of ones desires or the formation of egregore like entities.

I smile with every step the empirical sciences take towards the recapitulation of the knowledge once known by our ancestors — that which lays hidden as fragments within the philosophies and myths of the world.

A side thought — if masturbation creates the same state as religious experience, then perhaps this explains the right-hand path instruction to abstain from procreation and masturbation as such would eliminate the medium of the religious structure to facillitate religiosity.


Source: This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits — ScienceDaily

Scientists confirm a structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars

Below is a link to an article on

Whilst the article is of interest on many levels, it is perhaps most amusingly a further scientific advance towards the empirical measurement of what was already subjectively known in antiquity- that ‘as above, so below’.

As Robert Anton Wilson suggested, what the thinker thinks – the prover proves.  Science is merely a few thousand years delayed in proving what was once thought…


Source: Scientists confirm a structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars

There’s something weird going on beyond Neptune

Okay, here is an interesting article.  The reality here is that we have a further ‘revelation’ of a previously unknown entity acting in a manner that defies the common understanding (or lack of) as to how how solar system works.

What really fascinates me is that people continue to believe NASA and others when they say things such as ‘we have found a planet similar to Earth’, ‘there is nothing to suggest an alien superstructure surrounding the star…’, ‘there is no water on planet (insert any planet as you see fit – they have said it at some point!) or claim accurate explanations of the mechanics of the Universe.

If we know so much, then why are we continually hit with revelations such as those of Planet X, water on Europa and now another irregular body within our own solar system.  Why should we believe anything a scientist says about the mechanics of the universe when they are far from understanding our own solar system!  They struggle to even explain the Moon!

Science – religion in a lab coat.  Like all religion – it should be questioned and never taken as gospel.

The below article and image are from the website – link below.  The Engadget link is because I am unable to link to the NewScientist article for some reason.



Source: There’s something weird going on beyond Neptune

The Connection Between Shamanism & Quantum Physics – Collective Evolution

A great article from the Collective Evolution team- link and introduction are below.

What is refreshing to see is that others are also able to find the links between ancient shamanism and the modern understanding of science.  It continually fascinates me how our knowledge has not progressed in some 3000-5000 years; we know no more now than the ancient Egyptians and the great philosophers of ancient Greece.  All we have now are empirical measurements to reassure society of that which we once intuited.


The article and link:



Shamanism was an integral part of humanity for thousands of years. They were the first healers, teachers, and scholars. Eventually, the wisdom of the shamans was lost through the trials and travails of humanity. Now, in our modern age with technology that grants us access to knowledge from around the world, we have brought the […]

Source: The Connection Between Shamanism & Quantum Physics – Collective Evolution

Kepler’s “Alien Megastructure” Star Just Got Weirder – Scientific American

I love this story.. the weirder it gets, the more uncomfortable the scientists investigating it seem to get.  I have no insight as to what is the cause of the fluctuations and have no real care if it is aliens or an otherwise unseen natural phenomena.  What I do enjoy however is the conflict between empirical data and the parameters of accepted scientific thought.  Challenge the boundaries at all times, for when you break them you shall find the truth.


Check out the latest on the Megastructure at via the link below:


Bizarre “Tabby’s Star” shows an overall dimming trend, further confusing astronomers

Source: Kepler’s “Alien Megastructure” Star Just Got Weirder – Scientific American

Man Living Without 90 Percent Of His Brain Challenges Scientists Most Basic Theories Of Consciousness | Collective-Evolution

An interesting article and a news story which has been picked up by several outlets.  Such has major implications in the debate as to if our consciousness is ‘other’ or a mere product of the brains function.

In conjunction with the ability of the brain to relocate function and memory when a part of it is damaged or removed and this man’s brain really does challenge the notion of consciousness as a by-product of life function.

The human brain is a complex organ that remains a mystery unto itself. And while a common myth that we only use 10 percent of our brain still prevails, valuable insight on the matter proclaims we actually use much more than that. “We use virtually every part of the brain, and [most of] the brain […]

Source: Man Living Without 90 Percent Of His Brain Challenges Scientists Most Basic Theories Of Consciousness | Collective-Evolution

On the need for proof

Many people require an empirical measure and definition of a thing before accepting it’s existence. Gravity did not begin with the “discovery” of Newton.

One cannot prove the thoughts inside my mind- yet they exist. Open your mind to the realisation that there is more to the world and your existence than what is taught and “confirmed”.

Cosmic ‘web’ seen for first time

Cosmic ‘web’ seen for first time


To me this is science seeing the capillaries of Yggdrasil. Some may view it as the Web of Wyrd, but that thought has been seeded (unknowingly) by the headline.

As Yggdrasil holds and links the nine world’s, so science is seeing the capillaries that transfer energy between the world’s.

Isn’t it great when science starts seeing what our ancestors knew? Science is truly beginning to grow into its role amongst the world’s religions.