Runes The Mystery Keys

What are the runes? What mystery may be so powerful and essential that the mighty god Odin sacrifices himself upon the world tree Yggdrasil in order to gain them?

Unlock the power of these mysteries as you learn how to work with the runes, decipher their meanings in divination and discover the pathway of self-development that is contained within . Reach out and grasp the keys to the mysteries now in my new book.  Cutting right to what you need to know in order to formulate your own personal subjective understanding of the runes and how they work for you.  This book is your rune book.  Find for yourself the true power of the runes.

Available from all Amazon & CreateSpace outlets in both Kindle and paperback form.

It may take a day or so for the Kindle version to link up.   If it is Kindle you use to read my works, then keep an eye out.





The next phase is coming…

It is growing ever closer… the next phase in the evolution of works from myself is near.  Scheduled for publication around 31st October 2016, my next work is a focused guide for the seeker of the runes.  Functioning as a mentor, the work avoids a dogmantic ‘how-to’ approach in favour of an informative approach towards assisting the reader in the formation of their own subjective interpretation of the runes and the realisation of their own unique system of working with these mysteries.

For the experienced runer, there is also a development upon the analysis of the runes as an initiatory tool that was contained within this years earlier publication of The Left-hand of Odin

Stay tuned for links, cover art and pricing information.

Runic magic beyond the confines of Norse systems

A recent review of my work, the Left-hand of Odin, was extremely positive. Thank you kindly.

The only negative of the review was that the reviewer felt that the second section of the work which looks at the Runes as a system of initiation and the practical application of the Runes to magical work was too ceremonial. The review felt that the Runes belong in spaecraft, seidr and galdr and took issue with the use of stadhagaldr also.

I must respond that I too used to hold views very similar to these. In order to evolve however, I came to see how the channelling of the energies of the Runes through yogic movements in a manner similar to the application of qi gong, when combined with galdr, furthered the power of the runes. Why limit yourself to one system? Within the work, I offer that the Runes are subjective in their nature — as such, what works for you, works for you. Odin ventured beyond galdr when seeking to learn seidr, so why limit yourself? Dare to move beyond and incorporate other structures that work for your application. The use of an aegishjalmur sigil to channel energies from the eight realms surrounding Midgard is far from the Solomonic tradition that the reviewer interprets as Abrahamic. It is an energy array for channelling causal and acausal energies through the vitki — it is in no way a circle of protection or triangle of binding.

In short, the Runes are keys and take subjective forms for each person who seeks and interacts with them. Why limit your toolkit to a fixed set of parameters? The beauty and power of magic lays in seeking that which works for the self and nothing more. Altering forms, rituals and words for varied means, locations and the operator is where the skill is found. No magical text is intended as a mere ‘recipe’ book, to be followed in strict adherence. Such is the reason why rituals and sigils have variants between historic periods and geographic locations.

I no longer care what pantheon or source an energy or ritual is traditionally associated with. I make use of any and all that serves my purpose. My base is in Runic magic, yet daemonolatory, chaos, ceremonial, hermetic and qi gong all play a role in my workings. Dare to stray beyond the accepted confines of your system. Such is where the left-hand path takes us. Outside the confines of our world is where we encounter new power, destruction and remanifestation in an ever more powerful form.

The Left-hand of Odin

Today sees the publication of my latest work:  The Left-hand of Odin.


Here is the the left-hand of Odin

The book is available in all Amazon markets, as both print and Kindle versions.  Purchase of the print version entitles you to a free Kindle download of the book also.

So what is the book about?  Well, the product description says it all:

As supreme god of the Norse pantheon, Odin is a truly grey god as he blurs the polarised line between black and white magic and morality. Odin is the archetypal god of Nietzschean ideals. Cyneaþsson assesses the roles of Odin as an archetypal god of the left-hand path and similarities between Odin and the Hindu Shiva amongst other deific archetypes. Through an analysis of the left-hand path, morality and magic, Cyneaþsson assesses the lore of Odin from Norse mythology in order to assess his function as an archetypal deity of the left-hand path. Cyneaþsson then presents an approach by which the magus of the left-hand path can redefine themselves and channel their will into magical work with results that manifest either externally or internally. Cyneaþsson here offers a practical application of the Runes as an initiatory tool of the self which function as a set of keys to the deification of the self.

The book will likely offend those upon the right-hand path, as well as those on the Heathen path.  An interesting point — the Heathen path is a much of the right-hand form as Christianity.   Here I take a look at how Odin is Lucifer, Set, Shiva etc.  These are all forms of the dominant archetypal deity of the left-hand path.

The second part of the book has an alternative reading of the Runes.  Here I assess the Runes as a set of keys to the path of internal alchemy and evolution.  I also outline how the left-hand path magician is best able to channel energies of both the causal and acausal planes in order to manifest their will.


The next book should be out in around two months.


Further remanifestations

March 2015 is proving to truly be the time of new growth.  Regardless of the mechanistic cycles of Vanaheim, the flow of my Wyrd is such that odd years always prove to be the seasons of growth.  

During this month we have identified the secure future for my family, secured employment for my wife and I have formally notified my employer of my pending retirement.  To retire from the herd at the age of 34 is itself a remanifestation of my functional physicality within this realm.  The time I gain will be donated to the task of inspiring and educating my daughter whilst furthering my theory and pursuit of my philosophical theory of oneness.  My growth as a LHP adept will accelerate towards its full potential.  I grasp now the realisation of what reality is more than ever and control it in accordance with my will.  If you take offence at such, then that is your weakness.  A strong conscious mind would not allow my perception to alter your own.  This is my world and I am the Lord of my world. 

The next task is to secure a suitable home for my family in which I can further my tasks and also host small groups of others whom have engaged the pursuit of their potential for being.  I will also further my reputation as a reader of tarot and runes, offer myself for exorcisms and pursue the finalisation of my theories and their publication.  I will likely Lao combine my pursuits with the actions of a paranormal investigation as I seek to find proof to support my theories and demonstrate my skills at exorcisms and banishings.  I fear no demon or spirit for I have realised their nature as my own. 

Services for banishings, exorcisms, readings and protection spells are available throughout the north west of England. 

Manifest change

A couple of months ago I blogged about the change that follows a crumbling of the existing status. Following on from massive changes in my work set up, I did not know what was in store for myself.

What has manifested itself is a new role for myself in the same company. More impressive is the internal changes I have seen within myself. My writing skills have massively improved -to be noticed in my second book. My magical development has progressed massively and I credit this as helping manifest my desired work changes. My determination has been amplified.

In short- my family and work lives dissolved. What remains and has come into being is a more solid family unit and a force within myself. I am not now what I was then and neither am I all that I will be.


Having taken a tarot reading course this weekend I feel a sense of achievement. During the course I found myself abandoning the rigid structures of so many books and simply reading with my intuition. My approach switched to a similar style to that I use when reading the runes. This proved most successful.

The lesson here is to go with your instinct. Only the readers interpretation can change. The structure is secondary. This approach can be applied to so much more than just the runes or tarot. Open your mind and see what it tells you about the world.

New skills

It’s been a busy ten days or so and I’ve not had time to post.

Aside from being struck down with a bout of flu, I’ve also dived head first into Qabalah and Qliphoth. Whilst trying to get a firm grasp on these and how they will shape my development, I also believe I have found a correlation with my runic system of magic. Only once I am happy with my knowledge will I divulge what I believe is an amazing correlation that came to mind from nowhere. As yet I do not gave the ability to validate its uses.

It’s as Edred Thorsson once said, to paraphrase- Runa is not something you ever finish, new mysteries always present themselves.

New runic tattoo

Finally got my new tattoo done. A runic spell over both forearms. Only a few will be able to read most of it, but only I will know what the intention behind it is.

Will grab the mobile phone later and upload some pictures- the tattoo, my new rune set, my altar etc.




Both arms. My own text over both. Seems to work.

Rune readings for friends

Last night I did the first readings for people other than myself or wife.

The challenge here was that I do not know every intimate detail of these lives and so it would further develop my divination skill. A further, yet expected, challenge was the fact that both people were reluctant to ask a specific question. A general reading is not something that I have ever done, but I found a way.

The readings went well and having to explain possible meanings and relationships was a worthy exercise. Interpretation of the runes and relationships without having a road map giving direction as to what this relates to is definitely a challenge that will develop my reading skills. I will eagerly await the feedback from the friends which my wife will gather.

Furthermore, the evening was perhaps the first time that these friends have openly questioned me on my beliefs and practices. I’m sure it was very interesting for them and one of them left with a book on certain beings. I do not preach at anyone, but will always answer any question put my way.


Roll on!