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Interesting website for a tanning salon!


Photos of Midgard

So, you may be aware that I am undertaking a project to photograph sites of Pagan interest within the UK as well as any site I feel is of sufficient awe and beauty that the landvaettir and wights are of such power that I deem the area worthy of inclusion in this project.

Well, I have now started posting every single picture from this project online- for sale. Yes, if there is something you would like as a mousemat (oh dear) or as a print on your wall- you can now purchase it via my photobox pro gallery: 

The link is permantly now within my photography section here on this blog- feel free to purchase as you wish, or not…


Hael Baldur and Sunna!

A wet, windy and extremely overcast celebration today.

04:30am in my garden to greet Sunna and say blessing to Sunna and Baldur rather than my planned journey to Michells Fold- the road is not accessible easily when it is raining.

Later in the day, I headed over to Carding Mill Valley to say prayers in the hills near to the waterfalls- spending time avoiding the school children on field trips!


Had a great photo shoot at the weekend- some pics have been added to the photo page. Walking through a forest at five am is a beautiful thing for a Sunday morning. Even more special on the day of Friggablot.

The best thing about it was meeting a group of deer which at first were on the path right in front of me and of course shot off into the woods the moment they saw me. I later encountered them once more when I went off the paths and through the thick wooded areas. There I found around six of them, but every time I raised my camera they got spooked and shot further away. I guess it’s instinct to run from a human pointing something at them.

I realised two things at that time- the beauty of these animals but also the skill which it would have taken our ancestors to hunt and kill one of these flighty and fast animals. If feeding my family that week depended on me killing one of those deer at that time then we would be starving right now.

I have nothing against hunting to feed yourself- Ullr decrees that we should eat which we hunt. Hunting for sport and wasting the kill is awful- joe many fox hunters actually eat a fox once their dogs had destroyed it? No- hunt which you will eat, kill quick and clean and thank the wights of the land for the provision of food.

Will I ever take up hunting- I don’t know is the answer. I’d love to hunt with a bow but that is not permitted in England. In the mean time I will have to accept that if I could take a good photo of a deer then chances are I could have got a good shot off. My experience with guns is limited but I have always been an ok shot.

Frigga showed me the beauty of the earth once more and Ullr hav me appreciation for the skill of hunters.

Assorted thoughts

Been a short while- so time for a quick update…

Added a couple more pictures (of Cannock Chase) to the Photos of Midgard section. Weather patterns are making it hard to get good pics as every time I get the chance the weather is not perfect!

Have odd feelings about this summer. I don’t know if something great or terrible is going to happen- just really nervous as we head towards Midsummer. I will have to ask the Runes I guess.

Interesting times we live in- the financial peril faced across the world was always likely when we have economies built around gold reserves that don’t physically exists (there are a lot of I.O.U. notes in gold reserves). I believe that the gods have left us more and more alone as we have matured as a people- maybe that will change with the difficulties we seem to have gotten ourselves into- fiscal, environmental, social, moral and religious… We are like the teenagers given dad’s credit card, car keys and told we have the house to ourselves for two weeks- mankind has run riot over the last few hundred years and there is a big hangover coming!

Planning some trips this weekend- will keep you posted.

Photos of a Pagan Midgard

Attached are 4 of my favourite photographs that I have taken. All of these scream of the beauty that surrounds us in Midgard and all have something that makes me think of the gods and goddesses.

The top picture is a field in Keldy, North Yorkshire. With a stream and a forest to one side, long flowing grass and a tendency to capture the glow of the evening sun- this field enchanted me at first site. It teams with crows, crickets and butterflies and is a joy to walk through.

The second from top is a picture of the sun shining through a tree one overcast winters day at Bridgnorth, England. I wasn’t even looking for the picture- it was just a case of looking across as I walked to what I intended to photograph and thinking ‘Wow!’ and firing off some shots before the clouds took the shot away.

Next up, second from bottom, is a Yew tree found in the Forest of Dean, late Winter 2012. The tree had some squirrels living in it that were moving around due to the mild winter, but the tree itself had a real wealth of knots and twisting branches that at once let me see why the tree is associated with the dead- it had a real eerie feel and atmosphere. I sat under the tree for some time and took pictures- but all I could think of was the tree from Burton’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ where the headless horseman dwells.

Finally, bottom of the pictures, is a quick heat of the moment snap shot on my video camera of all things- looking out across lake windermere as the swans move, the clouds part just enough for the Sun to light the water and I was stood viewing a scene that took my breath away. I took many pictures around the lake- many of them are brilliantly dramatic, but none have the awe, majesty and mystery of this shot.

My ambition is to travel the British Isles and document significant Pagan sites with photos that are as encapsulating of the inspirational values of actually visiting the place as I can. I will post more as I feel there are things of interest.