Understanding comes before criticism

Over the last five years of self-directed study, I have adopted the approach that before I may criticise any belief or philosophy, I must firstly understand it.

My beliefs are as clear as possible — a pandeistic, Odinist upon the left-hand path, Yeah. Understand it before you criticise. To understand, you will need to read my second and third books.  Once you have read those, then you need to apply some of the ideas practically.  Knowledge requires both wisdom and practical understanding.  To KNOW is to think and experience.

In order to arrive at my present stage, I have taken upon myself to read a variety of texts. I have a good grasp of Celtic, Finnish, Greek, Hindu, Mesopotamian, and Norse mythology, Mesopotamian mythology is essential before I can seriously study the Abrahamic faiths. Firstly however, I must conclude my study of Egyptian mythology. Then I will tackle the King James Bible, the Qu’ran, and the Book of Mormon, along with some Qabalistic and alchemical works. The subsequent task will then prove to be Buddhism.

I am confident in my beliefs to undertake such a study. I would expect any critic of my beliefs to at least attempt an understanding before launching an attack or query. I offer them the same. I aim not to attack, merely to understand in order that I can defend my theology to those upon these other paths. I even resorted to a study of Richard Dawkin’s, with a view to a comprehension of the core atheist beliefs. Yes, I term the atheist views as ‘beliefs’. I will at some time explain why only a non-theistic Satanist is any where near to the claim of atheist.


I may as well summarise that comment on atheism. The atheist claims to hold the opinion that they are evolutionists and that there is no evidence for deity. Aside from the frankly poor arguments of Dawkin’s, the atheist fails in this claim on grounds of their ethics. A true evolutionist would descend into eugenics. Most atheists refrain from such.  They hold human life sacred and above nature, thus they interfere to provide ‘humane Samaritan’ aid. Their socio-ethical views are dictated by the belief that the evolutionary system which would kill the weak is wrong. As such, only the non-theistic Satanist, whom holds themselves superior and above the plebeian herds, is near approach to true atheism.  However, the use of theistic imagery and names prevents the non-theistic Satanist from a true objective atheism that has no reliance upon ritual, imagery, or archetype.  Is the reliance upon such imagery by non-theistic Satanist’s mere showmanship as a cry for attention, or is it evidence of an underlying reluctance to wholly abandon the notion of a non-causal being?


Invoking the archetypes for expanded consciousness

Recently I have been experimenting with the Goetia as a means of invocation. Taking the daemons as forms of consciousness without a manifest form, deeming them to be as Jung would have termed archetypes along with gods, and using the invocation to open unused neural networks of the mind. 

Yesterday I had a moment of enlightenment as I have only experienced once before. The connection of so much of the formula I have been working on was a revelation. Connecting my work on philosophy, psychology, quantum physics, anthropology, and mythology in a simple diagram. I now truly understand so many symbols of being- the enneagram and qabalah are other versions. To truly see how this represents what we know as “being” changes my future actions. I have the components to mastery and have now found the user guide. 

Nothing. I become and I am. 


Anyone who knows me, the three people that do anyway, knows enough of my beliefs to understand why I devote so much effort to the practice of self-education and study.

Working my way through the somewhat immense and impressive body of work produced by C.G. Jung, I have began to see that I am somewhat progressed significantly along the lines of individuation as Jung would term it.  My own self analysis was completed in 2010 as part of a process of finding myself and my theological beliefs.

2014 was the year in which I began the process of remanifestation.  Through the death and dissolution of everything beyond my nuclear family life, a rebirth was forced upon me.  As a result of the process of self-discovery, philosophical, psychological, and magical studies on which I had embarked with an intensity I had never employed whilst in academic study, I found my path.  The tattoo’s upon my arms defined a statement of dedication and intent. 2014 saw me realise the second remanifestation of my being.  My first was when I undertook the analysis of my own self and beliefs.  This second remanifestation resulted in my no longer being who I thought I “should be” in order to meet the expectations of others.  My wife and daughter support my work and who I have become — they see that I am now embracing the man they already knew I was.  What I realise now more than ever is that by opening up and being myself, I have immediately altered the way in which I am perceived. Some people are blind to it, some people come to me for advice, some fear me.  Those that have began seeking guidance from myself will receive honesty.  Those that fear some of the things I practice are perhaps better off for fearing the darkness.. Seeing what lays beyond the dark veil would scar them.

The truth is that I do not care.  I am involved in a work beyond the comprehension of the masses — some things are not meant for everyone to understand.  Weapons and certain other things in the world should perhaps be tagged with a user competence test — stupidity would soon cease.


Marilyn Manson once wrote lyrics that perfectly capture my current state of being:


when we were good You just closed your eyes

So when we are bad

We’ll scar your minds


A wise man indeed.







My great work

About six months ago I had a realisation during a mediation.  What occurred to me has been so profoundly altering to all aspects of my being.  My theistic, philosophical, ethical, and scientific views of the world shifted.  I have conversed with only two persons with regards to this idea. There are pre-existing works that allude to similar ideas within the works of Nietzsche, Jung, Hegel and others.  Upon its completion, this work will bring about a remanifestation of my being.  The work has no empirical basis and will only shift the perceptions of those it is intended to do so for.  I will likely publish the work in some 2-3 years time as I have three other major pieces to complete prior to the completion of the study and research before the great work can be written.  I write with a passion that allows the words to flow forth once I have decided to write.  The work will come as it should whence it is ready to do so.  The prior works will be philosophical pieces centred around my ideas, another around the Elder Futhark, and the major piece concerns the Allfather.

The overall goals of my life remain — to become all that I can be, the alchemical pursuit.  I continue to shift and define my own views, ethics, philosophy, psychology, and magical techniques in accordance with my mental evolution.

2015 is my year and I am about to begin realising my manifest will upon my perceived world.

Crack the egg

Man is but an egg, an embryonic state of development. Crack the shell of your world and dare to view beyond the realm of your own sensual experiences. The senses of man differ from those of other animals for a reason. Be aware that what lays beyond the shell may not be to your liking and you may never return to your prior state.

Finding footpaths

A few months ago, I had an idea of being. The idea was centred around key philosophical, ontological and mythological concepts. By merging certain ideas together, my mind had stumbled upon something– an idea of existence and what may be.  My wife hates the thought for the reason that if it were to be true then she cannot comprehend what she would do.

Further reading into some of the key ideas of my thought led me to Hegel’s philosophy of the “over-mind” and references to similar ideas within the works of Aquino, Plato and Pythagorus.

Now there is an internal conflict. I am not the first to have thought along these lines. I also find myself thinking along the same lines as some of the great reasoning minds of antiquity and the present. Do I count myself amongst them? Of course I do. To deny such would be to deceive. I am a sapient being and it is only natural that I measure the consciousness of my being as it develops. There is no greater measure than to chart your own thoughts only to then find similar or exact replication of such thoughts within the works of the greatest beings to have existed upon this plane.

Why do I not write in depth about the idea here? It is not realised fully. I am still researching and melding together the thought as a theory. The finished article is likely to be 100,000 words or more. I will ultimately publish such a thought. Why give away for free that which the majority will not understand? Those that seek the truth will find it at any cost. Freedom of information presupposes the intelligence to handle everything that the mind can come across. With financial impact upon the obtaining of information, then we impose a criteria of selection that excludes those who are not willing to pay for such.


Over the weekend I approved the proof of my first book. Based largely upon the early days of this blog, the content requires little description here.

What did strike me however was the astounding pace of the evolution of my mind in theological and philosophical matters. In four years I have defined my own beliefs and searched for my gods. I have also evolved beyond the need to belong and realised that I must not adapt my thoughts in order to fit with a system of heathenry. Accepting my views as varying to those of many- the true value comes in realising that my convictions are enough for me to wager that I alone am correct. Only the gods will tell me otherwise.

Amazingly through this final dawning of theological strength, it is now that I find myself amongst those strong enough to place no value upon the judgments of others against their views. I have been accepted amongst a few who share many of my beliefs but also accept that my gods differ. I will learn and evolve further before one day finding myself truly alone in my beliefs and philosophy. I will be ready to be accepted as one of my gods at that time. That will be a good day to die…


It is important that we allow the evolution of knowledge. Too much is reverence laid upon the teachings of the past and never given to contemporary thought.

Crowley, Nietzsche, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Levi etc… all lived and formed their great works somewhere in the region of 100 years ago. These seminal minds and works were entirely relevant then and remain so to this day. However, it must be held that the world is an entirely different place to that which was known by them- we have had two world wars, the nuclear age, the space age and the internet age have all dawned. We have began to witness the fruits of the seeds of mankind’s abuse of the ecosystem. It is therefore vital that we acknowledge and allow for certain aspects of the teachings of the great minds to be no longer valid- the herd has changed. The environment has changed.

We must accept that some philosophers and adepts will evolve the ideas formed 100 years ago and in doing so- make them more refreshed and relevant to the present. The mechanisms have altered and the theories must be adapted accordingly. It is incorrect therefore to dismiss the ideas of a contemporary simply because we place greater reverence of the old masters. The testament of time is not a hallmark of brilliance- it is simply an easy assessment criteria for those unable to make their own critical reading of the works. If you cannot discern what remains relevant and adopt or evolve that which does not- then you may be better off not wasting your time reading works beyond the full comprehension of your intellect. Nietzsche did not accept the works of his predecessors- he read them critically and evolved his work out of agreement or disagreement to them.

the work of the hermit

I’m quite an antisocial person. As a matter of fact- Nietzsche really encapsulated my mind a 100 years before I was born.

I am at ease when in my own company. There are not many I will tolerate in my presence- even in terms of family. I do not need pub-moots, I do not need philoso-magical orders. I do not need social networking. I do not need friends.

It has taken until now for me to realise that this psychology and philosophy also applies to my religious and magical practices. I will not find any group where I feel at home for either of these purposes. It may be arrogance, it is definitely my superiority complex, but it is also partly the Zarathustran realisation that I know better. 5 years of practice and I know more than people who are running some groups.

In a truly Nietzschean term- they have their way, I have mine- the right way does not exist. All I can say is that I have more trust in myself being right than I do others. The path of the hermit it is for me. If I succeed or fail- it will be by my own remit. I will not spend 5 years demonstrating my knowledge and passing stages of initiation that require me to pretend I know nothing and mock a process of development. It is always of value to retread past workings- but to halt progress whilst demonstrating the process of development and becoming I have undertaken already is not the goal. This process is the restraints of a specialist herd, but a herd mentality all the same. Know me and you will know my mind and development. Assume I am like others and I will assume you seek to define me and I am gone. I am not what you think. I am what I think. I am what I will. My path is meant for me. I am responsible only for myself.

I will integrate techniques and philosophies as they resonate true with myself and merge them with my own techniques, theories and life philosophy.

Become? Always.