If you had a time machine and could kidnap three great minds…

There are three men whose visions and work I hold in total reverence.  The work of these three has been effective as revelation  and  has kindled the inner flame upon which I forge myself.

The first is Dr. Stephen E. Flowers (otherwise, Edred Thorsson).  Flowers’ work upon Runology, Odin, and left-hand path mysticism has inspire every aspect of my studies.  The results of these studies have impacted my life.  After an initial and unexplained attraction towards the Runes, it was the work of Flowers which led me ever towards the left-hand path and away from standard Heathenism.  To see Odin, one needs to be upon the same path, otherwise one is only seeing a mere shadow.

Friedrich Nietzsche is however, the great inspiration.  The works of Nietzsche cemented so much of my own thought patterns.  The strength of character that Nietzsche embodied in the face of critical and popular ignorance of his efforts gives an idea to the value of his work that he continued to write despite the lack of audience.  Nietzsche, as he suspected, was a man ahead of his time.  Nietzsche is essential reading for those upon the left-hand path.  The realisation of this alignment of thought further affirmed my own path.  Nietzsche wrote instinctively with regards to the potential of man, the importance and value of the will, and the vitality of the individual and independence from the masses.

Carl Gustav Jung is second only to Nietzsche in terms of my valuation of great intellects.  I am inclined to agree with Christopher Hyatt, whom deemed Jung the great magus of the 20th Century.  Indeed, Jung’s interpretation of alchemy and various other occult arts into the application of psychology are invaluable.   Sigmund Freud would have never grasped the truth of alchemical texts, he instead found only sexual symbolism in them.  Jung’s development of these into the idea of the collective unconscious and the development of the self through combination of the ego centre with such are inherent requirements in the pursuit of self-deification.  Even Jung’s analysis of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra is a tour-de-force in the analysis of a great mind by an equal.  Jung’s assessment that Nietzsche’s final madness was the result of his inflation by the archetypal old-wise man, in the form of Zarathustra, suggests perhaps a cautionary tale for those who experiment with invocation.  In the presence of an archetypal god, only the strong survive without destruction of the self.

If I found myself in possession of the phone-booth time machine from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, tasked with collection of three great persons for attendance to a dinner party or collegiate seminar, then it is the trio of Flowers, Nietzsche, and Jung whom I would collect.  Such would produce an incredible collective discussion of the work of self-deification.

Ah, now how does quantum theory allow me to manifest such a reality…


Why I do not forgive

I am often described as being harsh and unforgiving.  I have reasons.

The foundations of justice is that a criminal should give compensation equal to the harm done to the victim.  If the victim loses the ability to work for themselves, then the criminal should provide for that person — here we find the origin of the scales of justice.  For those well versed in the lore of Iceland, you may also recall that a persistent criminal who holds no respect for the laws of the community may be deemed an outlaw.  Outlaws exist outside of the bounds of the law — thus, they exist outside of its restraints and protection.  The common ending for many an Icelandic outlaw was that they were pursued by a mob organised by the victims who were seeking the death of the criminal.  As the criminal was deemed an outlaw, then they were beyond the protection offered by the law under the crime of murder.

In terms of apologies, these form the most basic compensation offered to a victim in our modern society.  To say the words “I am sorry” carries little emotional content, no psychological investment and financial penalty.  The true power of the apology actually lays with the criminal.  The expectation in our twisted society of morals is that the victim is to accept such an apology and forgive the crime against them.  Here is where I take issue with apologies.  If you massively offend or inconvenience me in any way, then a simple apology is insufficient as an act of compensation.  In refusing your apology, I claim and retain the power over you an hold you in my debt.  I do not forgive, as the criminal offering an apology is forcing the hand of the victim — thus the criminal is claiming further power over the victim in forcing them to forgive.  If you damage my property, I expect you to repair or replace it — “sorry” is insufficient and I will hold you in debt until you manifest sufficient compensation.


“Sorry” is an acceptance of guilt.  It is not compensation and should not be accepted as such.  How often is “sorry” accompanied by the words “I was not thinking,” — such is an excuse and not a reason.  Excuses are pitiful.  If you do something that I deem a crime against my sovereignty, then I would admire you more for saying “I did it in full knowledge of the consequences and I enjoyed it!”  To claim an excuse or regret for your actions simply makes you appear weak.  Why would I grant any power of the apology over myself to someone who acts out of weakness?  Act in bold strength and honesty and I will respect you.  I do not require an apology of a wild animal and neither is its wildness an excuse for its behaviour.  An animal attacks because I have made it feel as if threatened and it deems that it is not able to flee and must attack.  The animal resorts to act of strength in the will to survive.  Pleading, begging forgiveness is the weak act of cowardice as they attempt one final emotional tactic to engender a position of emotional superiority above their victim.


Be strong.  Accept no apology and offer the compensatory level that you deem to be required.  Hold the axe above the criminal until they provide such a level of compensation.


Crime.  Punishment.  No regrets means no forgiveness.  Live under the rule of Eternal Recurrence.



The enjoyment of life

It has been a year of huge changes for me. Family deaths, workplace restructuring and a new role at work are the least of the changes I have seen. Seeds have been planted that will see fruits in 2015. I play the long game in many ways.

I sat this night reflecting upon how my valuation upon certain things has changed. Not only has my daughter grown up substantially, but we have firm plans as a family for the first time in a long time. My own internal changes are even more prevalent.

I have ceased watching sports of any sort. I don’t even follow the sports news. More importantly, I have ceased watching television for the large part. I partake only of a couple of hours a week for programmes I enjoy viewing with my wife.

My love of music has returned. Having rediscovered the love of Black and Doom Metal that fuelled my teenage years I spend more time listening to music than on any other activity. Opera, Classical, Doom, Black, Progressive-black, folk, rock — pretty much every type of classical or rock based music is on my iPod and throughly enjoyed. As a reference I’ll list my current favourites: Grand Magus, Ihsahn, Ghost BC, Emperor, Bathory and My Dying Bride.

My true passion though is for reading and writing. Reading philosophy, psychology and occult (as a wide spread umbrella term) texts is fuelling my inner development and also inspiring the work that I am writing. Having published my first book based largely upon the journey this blog captures, I currently find myself working on what will form my second and third books concurrently.

The love of the written word and music fit together so well. I dins a mirror for much of my own mind within the works of Nietzsche, Ihsahn, Jung and Grand Magus. I find inspiration and new meaning with every page and note so that my flame dances with the energy of life. I am empowered with creative energy and thought. I have embraced so much in 2014 that it is almost a year of my coming into being. 2009 was the year of my reconception. 2014 is the year of my rebirth. Here I am.


It is important that we allow the evolution of knowledge. Too much is reverence laid upon the teachings of the past and never given to contemporary thought.

Crowley, Nietzsche, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Levi etc… all lived and formed their great works somewhere in the region of 100 years ago. These seminal minds and works were entirely relevant then and remain so to this day. However, it must be held that the world is an entirely different place to that which was known by them- we have had two world wars, the nuclear age, the space age and the internet age have all dawned. We have began to witness the fruits of the seeds of mankind’s abuse of the ecosystem. It is therefore vital that we acknowledge and allow for certain aspects of the teachings of the great minds to be no longer valid- the herd has changed. The environment has changed.

We must accept that some philosophers and adepts will evolve the ideas formed 100 years ago and in doing so- make them more refreshed and relevant to the present. The mechanisms have altered and the theories must be adapted accordingly. It is incorrect therefore to dismiss the ideas of a contemporary simply because we place greater reverence of the old masters. The testament of time is not a hallmark of brilliance- it is simply an easy assessment criteria for those unable to make their own critical reading of the works. If you cannot discern what remains relevant and adopt or evolve that which does not- then you may be better off not wasting your time reading works beyond the full comprehension of your intellect. Nietzsche did not accept the works of his predecessors- he read them critically and evolved his work out of agreement or disagreement to them.

the work of the hermit

I’m quite an antisocial person. As a matter of fact- Nietzsche really encapsulated my mind a 100 years before I was born.

I am at ease when in my own company. There are not many I will tolerate in my presence- even in terms of family. I do not need pub-moots, I do not need philoso-magical orders. I do not need social networking. I do not need friends.

It has taken until now for me to realise that this psychology and philosophy also applies to my religious and magical practices. I will not find any group where I feel at home for either of these purposes. It may be arrogance, it is definitely my superiority complex, but it is also partly the Zarathustran realisation that I know better. 5 years of practice and I know more than people who are running some groups.

In a truly Nietzschean term- they have their way, I have mine- the right way does not exist. All I can say is that I have more trust in myself being right than I do others. The path of the hermit it is for me. If I succeed or fail- it will be by my own remit. I will not spend 5 years demonstrating my knowledge and passing stages of initiation that require me to pretend I know nothing and mock a process of development. It is always of value to retread past workings- but to halt progress whilst demonstrating the process of development and becoming I have undertaken already is not the goal. This process is the restraints of a specialist herd, but a herd mentality all the same. Know me and you will know my mind and development. Assume I am like others and I will assume you seek to define me and I am gone. I am not what you think. I am what I think. I am what I will. My path is meant for me. I am responsible only for myself.

I will integrate techniques and philosophies as they resonate true with myself and merge them with my own techniques, theories and life philosophy.

Become? Always.




Whatever the field of expertise or topic of discourse- Nietzsche was absolutely right. Where we find those with closed minds, we most likely find those with a fear of having their world view shattered. I am generally right and can be stubborn, but a well enough structured reasoning can and does change my views. This is not a weakness- this is progress. I have my views on the world, my religious beliefs and my philosophy- yet should I find myself answering to a god other than Odin, I will have to suck that up.