Beyond Gods and men…

The tale is found in almost all mythologies – that of the solar deity who must die, regardless of any action taken by others.  Invariably, the mighty wills of the deities are unable to prevent the death of the deity.  We find this tale within the myths of Baldr, Jesus, and Osiris amongst many others.  No matter the deific might or magic of the other gods, there is no manner in which the death may be averted as it has been decreed to occur elsewhere – by beings beyond the power of the gods.

Such tales occurred to me when I engaged in a review of a working I had undertaken.  In a near two-week period of intense workings, the end result failed to materialise in accordance with my will.  My analysis failed to identify anything that had been missed.  The workings were correct.  The alignments were perfect.  The timings and correspondences were all suitably aligned with the desired result.  Even the divination, employed to assess if the works were effective, suggested change.  I realise now that the change was not as desired, yet it shall be effective regardless.

So why did the result fail to manifest in accordance with my will?  Upon review, it occurred that even the mighty archetype of the feminine (known by various names that include Isis, Gullveigr, Ishtar, Frigg, Freyja, Ostara, Mary and Astaroth, amongst others) failed to prevent the death of the solar deity (Jesus, Baldr, and Osiris amongst others).  Even the deific male consciousness (be it Odin or otherwise) is unable to prevent the death of the solar deity.  When even the mighty powers of the deific are unable to prevent the death of a fellow deity, then there are agents at work whose power is beyond even theirs.  Given that the realms of both gods and men are the creation of an organising consciousness (such as Odin in the formation of Yggdrasil from the remains of the proto-being, Ymir), then such entities are to found external to the order of realms created by the deities.  Who or what then are those beings of immense power?

The answer is that they are many.  They are the Fates/Norn, the Eagle, and the great Dragon, amongst others.  Their names vary by mythology, yet they are known.  I know now that I must shift focus and work directly with these beings.  The lessons I have learnt through my work with the gods have been many, yet I find myself frustrated that I remain subject to the will of others – a will that even the mighty gods find themselves subject to.  This journey that I know undertake, I posit, is the that undertaken by Odin when he sacrifices himself upon the ordered cosmology of Yggdrasil – to reach beyond the confines and seek the knowledge of the primal beings.   Thus, I cast myself into the void, the great abyss beyond the realms of gods and men, to engage upon a quest worthy of the demigods of Greek lore.  To seek the knowledge of those primal beings who shape the destinies of both gods and men and those beings whose purpose is to bring forth the destruction of that which is, in to allow that which will be to come into Being – the great Dragon.

Beyond Gods & Men…


February 24th 2017… a day of infamy (or stupidity) for witches and magicians

February 24th 2017… a day of infamy (or stupidity)

At an allotted time, midnight, a social-justice seeking collective of witches and pagans sought to bind the U.S. President Donald Trump. 

 Article links from the NY Times and UK’s Metro:


Such is a demonstrable act of folly for a host of reasons:

               -The stroke of midnight by which the collective sought to co-ordinate their efforts was actually 00:00am on 25th February, given that midnight sees the turn of the day.  Yes, timing is all important in magic, unless of course you merely dabble without much of an idea as to what you are doing.

               -There was seemingly little effort to co-ordinate timings for the global action.  A concurrent working is far more powerful, yet the disparity in time zones saw witches in England working 5 or more hours ahead of the collective in the eastern United States, who themselves were hours ahead of their west coast collaborators.

               -The alignment of the working is with the waning moon.  If the intent was to use the new moon, then such occurs at 14:58 GMT on 26th February.  Again, timing…

               -It may also have been more effective, if the intent was to create hope, to wait for the waxing moon.  Such would have encouraged the growth of positive energies.  The timing and performance of the binding under a waning moon certainly suggests an ignorance of timing or an intent to create a destructive binding.  Again, timing and knowledge…

               -If the binding were to be effective, then surely the risk is that of creating a provocation to pursue witches and pagans.  For those who think such is improbable in the 21st Century, then search for the case of a Romanian politician who fell foul of a hex cast in response to a change in taxation against witchcraft. 

               -If some calamity were to befall the President, would those claiming success and proclaiming their role in the binding then be sought for their role in a conspiracy?

               -If the binding is claimed to be successful, leading perhaps to President Trump being more ‘restrained’ in the subjective view of those casting the spell, then how are we to know what is President Trump’s own restraint and thought, or what is the result of the binding?  There is no measure by which to gauge success in a working such as this.

               -The counter action by Christian groups, offering prayers to protect President Trump, is perhaps likely to gather a greater number of participants.  With the mechanism of prayer being little different to a direction of magical intent, then the suggestion would be that a greater number of participants plus what could be viewed as a dominant deity in the current aeon, then the Christian prayer groups have an advantage.

               -The support of the Christian groups by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, amongst other magical groups, with calls to counter the binding of President Trump with workings of a ceremonial magic nature adds further weight to the idea that the magical balance is tipped in favour of protecting the President.


Personally, I have no interest in taking part, on either side, for a variety of reasons.  Ultimately, it amuses me that once more we see the response to a perceived threat, is to make a counter-threat.  The reaction to a perceived constraint of freedom, is to bind the President and effectively enforce a constraint against the President.  These are the actions of intolerance, perpetrated against someone who they have a difference of opinion with and may perceive the President to be intolerant.  If the President had restricted the actions of the witches, with a legal binding perhaps, then they would be crying ‘persecution’.   Their actions are risky indeed, and perhaps ill-thought out.



Runic magic beyond the confines of Norse systems

A recent review of my work, the Left-hand of Odin, was extremely positive. Thank you kindly.

The only negative of the review was that the reviewer felt that the second section of the work which looks at the Runes as a system of initiation and the practical application of the Runes to magical work was too ceremonial. The review felt that the Runes belong in spaecraft, seidr and galdr and took issue with the use of stadhagaldr also.

I must respond that I too used to hold views very similar to these. In order to evolve however, I came to see how the channelling of the energies of the Runes through yogic movements in a manner similar to the application of qi gong, when combined with galdr, furthered the power of the runes. Why limit yourself to one system? Within the work, I offer that the Runes are subjective in their nature — as such, what works for you, works for you. Odin ventured beyond galdr when seeking to learn seidr, so why limit yourself? Dare to move beyond and incorporate other structures that work for your application. The use of an aegishjalmur sigil to channel energies from the eight realms surrounding Midgard is far from the Solomonic tradition that the reviewer interprets as Abrahamic. It is an energy array for channelling causal and acausal energies through the vitki — it is in no way a circle of protection or triangle of binding.

In short, the Runes are keys and take subjective forms for each person who seeks and interacts with them. Why limit your toolkit to a fixed set of parameters? The beauty and power of magic lays in seeking that which works for the self and nothing more. Altering forms, rituals and words for varied means, locations and the operator is where the skill is found. No magical text is intended as a mere ‘recipe’ book, to be followed in strict adherence. Such is the reason why rituals and sigils have variants between historic periods and geographic locations.

I no longer care what pantheon or source an energy or ritual is traditionally associated with. I make use of any and all that serves my purpose. My base is in Runic magic, yet daemonolatory, chaos, ceremonial, hermetic and qi gong all play a role in my workings. Dare to stray beyond the accepted confines of your system. Such is where the left-hand path takes us. Outside the confines of our world is where we encounter new power, destruction and remanifestation in an ever more powerful form.

The ‘witches’ of social media

The world is a strange paradox. Pagan groups are full of those who call themselves ‘witches’, yet they spend the majority of the time beseeching others to pray for them or send them energies. However did the witches of ancient times function without social media as a platform by which to seek the energies of others — perhaps real witches used their own skills and energies? If you are unable to work magic through your own means, then you are effectively unable to claim the title ‘witch’.

Whether a ‘witch’ is skilled in the channelling of their own energies or the focussing of energies from herbs/crystals etc., then they act to work magic. The request for others to send energies is an admission of the absence of any magical ability inherent to the self-proclaimed ‘witch’. To request assistance of ‘healing energies’ etc., from others is to pray. There is a difference between an act of prayer and an act of applied magic. The sender or channeller of energies works magic , be they a witch or a deity, whilst the recipient is merely the subject.

In short, if you are a ‘witch’ with a shred of self-respect, then why belittle yourself with public begging for assistance? Either refrain from such prostration of yourself and be that which you claim you are, or cease calling yourself a witch.

Lovecraftian magic

There are numerous magicians who make use of Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythology as a basis for the invocation or evocation of energies and beings. There are even infamous versions of the fabled ‘Necronomicon’, with Simon’s perhaps the most well-known.

Whilst in the past I may have readily decried such as mere role-play magic, I am now able to see the merits of such.

Are the beings of the Cthulu mythos imaginary? Well, they are the product of a an author writing works of fiction. Yet, where we think of something, and if any other believes in such, then we give a thing energy or life; similar to the way in which an egregore is manifest and charged. There is also the consideration that a lot of which Lovecraft wrote is very close to a number of philosophical ideas and mythological precedents. If Lovecraft denied any such knowledge of these aspects, then he was either subject to a Nietzsche like inflation by a consciousness whom wrote through him, or he was merely covering.

The implication of quantum physics suggests that by conscious observation of a result, we collapse potentiality into being. As such, we can only create that which we are looking for. This restriction may also explain why many ideas take some 60-70 years to prove; we need to look for proof of them in order to manifest such as reality. The magical result is therefore that by continued belief in the existence of the Old Ones, giving credit to the idea that Lovecraft wrote more than just fiction, then we effectively begin the collapse of potential into a manifest form. Through continued practical application of the rites  of the Necronomicon, energies are given to these ‘thought-forms’ of a Lovecraftian nature. If a mere thought has the ability to collapse potential into being, then as with the biblical word of god which brought forth existence, then the readers of Lovecraft and the magicians who work with the mythos are indeed working with real beings.

Whether the beings existed prior to Lovecraft’s manifestation of them in ‘word’ is merely conjecture to any other than Lovecraft or the Old Ones. They are as real as any other conscious being of a non-manifest form on the archetypal plane.

Playing the odds

One of the most basic and yet effective forms of magic is that of chaos.  Chaos mandates that any and all things have the potential to manifest.  The skill is in manipulating the series of events that manifest within your experience — thus controlling that which comes into being in your world.

The art here is in perceiving the likely manifestations within the field of chaos potential, then shifting the flow of your experience so as to increase the potential for the desired occurrence to interact with your sequential experiences.   By altering ones perceptions of past experiences, it is possible to alter the past (as it is relative only to your interpretation) and shape the potential future beyond you.

I visualise both time and chaos as the weave of the Norn.   The Norn work on a massive tapestry of events.  The sequence of experiences that we refer to as time is our thread within the pattern.  The future is only defined within the core events that MUST manifest according to the Norn — not even the gods may alter these.  All else is open to potential and any good seamstress is able to go back and slightly alter a past pattern and thus shift the future manifestation of the thread.  The three Norn work simultaneously on the tapestry — what we perceive at the past is being woven at the same time as the present and future.  Here we find the potential to alter all things.

By stepping back from our own experience and viewing the events of our life as a pattern,  we may see the recurring themes as if we are reading a book and we “know” where the author is going with a plot.  Here we find ourselves able to perceive future events.  Using this objective viewing of our experiences, we may see which events have greater potential to manifest in our future experiential lines — steering our life in order to increase the chances of a successful interaction with them is the key to magic.

Imagine that you are a bird in the sky — the events you desire are represented by the clouds.  By altering the course of your flow, you increase the chance of you flying through the desired event cloud.  Altering your life to increase the odds is vital.  If you are looking for a job, then actually applying for ten jobs you desire will clearly increase the chances of your success.  If you are an armchair occultist — you will achieve nothing without actually putting some of your theory into practice.  After all,  knowledge requires praxis in order that you may truly have it.

In my own perception of time, I find myself at the edge of the chasm.  My family is about to embark on a great adventure that seems increasingly likely to leave behind many threads as it takes up new ones.  The potential occurrences before us that mandate a cutting of threads increasingly out number the potential for those that retain some ties to our current world.  When we step out over the chasm and grasp outwards at the threads, we have a greater chance of grasping one which will create a new world for us.  Everyday we find something new increasing the number and strength of these threads and the potential is ever harder to deny.  My world has already changed massively in the last 9 months.  I am not who I was — in both an atomic and conscious mind manner.  I feel as if I follow the steps of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and have awakened, walked out onto the mountain and now find myself ready to leap off.




Ramping up the activity

I have decided to ramp up my activity levels- Accelerate my study of Heathen texts, diversify my occult and magical knowledge, push to learn Icelandic at a greater level, look at gaining some ritual clothing to enhance my feel during blot and magical rites, join at least one further organisation to help wide my contacts and increase my activity within those organisations that I already hole membership of.

Aleister Crowley

I’ve just finished reading a biography of Mr. Crowley. What a fantastic mind he had. Regardless of what you think of his esoteric exploits, the achievements in mountain climbing and intelligence work alone demand admiration.

The only aspect of his religion I agree with is the that of the law of the will. Likewise, there is little magical aspect of Mr. Crowley that I would agree with other than perhaps the integration of yoga and other esteemed eastern techniques for the achievement of enlightenment.

What is most telling however is the villain aspect of his public portrayal and how 70 years after his death it still refuses to fade. Only this year did an outraged British press report the recruitment of a minor celebrity, daughter of a more relevant celebrity, as being recruited into Crowley’s sexual cult, or the OTO.  Yes, his name will seemingly be immortal in its link to the portrayal of the occult and any aspect of sexual magic.

I wonder who will laugh last? I suspect it may be the Beast.