Coming across a tutor

Some times, we stumble. Sometimes we fall, but other times we find someone there to assist us. It is amazing how the web of Wyrd is woven and how you can accidentally find yourself in the midst of a tutor holding the guidance you need for the next leg of your journey and how this happens when the time is right.

After some time thinking I was alone in my work- I have found others.


The signal has been sent

After some frustration at remaining solitary, I sent out a request for Heathens nearby to shout out if they want to form a meeting.

The issue is always that so many events are in London, late at night or at times which do not work for anyone with children.

Much to my surprise, it seems to have only taken a few short hours before there is an initial interest from fellow Heathens in a similar place to myself. A meeting has been set at a time and place that should suit most who work or who have small children and it’s intended to be a family friendly event too, so I do hope the children come along.

I actually have no idea where I was going with this process, but the wheels are rolling now!

Also, I seem to have pushed my local pagan meeting to give me time to explain my beliefs to the group and also outline my own personal interests. I need to control that side of me which lands me in these situations!

A liberal, heathen, non-folkish Asatru group in England…

So, I have posted previously about my search for (as per the title of this post) a non-folkish Asatru or liberal heathen group in England. They do exist- I’ve made contact with a few and have joined a couple of groups online.

But, there is an issue…

I can find more liberal groups in Sweden than in England. I travel to Sweden frequently, but not enough to partake in a group there.

UK or England based groups that have a liberal world view are often based in or around London which makes it about as likely for me to participate face-to-face as with those groups in Sweden.

The age old issue of some members of groups not fully understanding the consequences of what they say online. I have seen some liken Odinism to Satanism- I do not accept the existence of hell and/or Satan as they are Christian constructs with hell being named as a bastardisation of Hel in order to convert Heathens by way of informing them that their afterlife holds nothing but pain and misery and driving conversion by way of the repenting Christ. After so much has been done already to alter public perceptions and educate that all Pagans are not devil worshippers as we do not believe in Satan, I find it a shame that a self-professed Heathen would publicly associate Heathenism as a form of Satanism- yes, I am aware of the reality of what Satanism actually incorporates, but the general public and media would only use this as an act against us.

Some groups are local to myself, but meetings are infrequent and/or set around the lives of the core members making attendance difficult for myself.

Local Pagan/Heathen groups are often very Wiccan derived and although open to all pagan faiths, the insistence on a triple moon symbol for a group and the group worship of a Goddess and God is something I find offensive to my Gods and Goddesses- Mani is a male deity and not the moon-goddess as Wiccans believe etc. They are entitled to their views, as I am mine, but they unwittingly steer these groups in a Wiccan (although I would wager that few, if any, are actually initiates of a British-Traditional Wiccan coven derived from Gerald Gardner) manner.

I will attempt to find a liberal heathen group once more- I will consider Urd’s Well Kindred, the UK arm of the Ring of Troth (or the Troth) amongst others- NOTE: please feel free to suggest any liberal groups!

Further more, I see a likely development that I will relocate my family within the next 9 months (no baby is on the way!) and will look to move to a larger location. I will confirm that my thoughts have turned towards forming my own group, with my own criteria for membership and accepting those who share the same beliefs as myself. I’ll post more on that as it happens, but we are likely talking about a small online group at first, followed by a formalised structure for physical meetings and a location dedicated to such. I have no idea how this will form itself, but it is the way in which I feel drawn.

Taking my search for a non-folkish Heathen group further afield

Again, I struggle to find a non-folkish/racist Heathen group.

I have now attempted to contact the local group of this type for a third time…after a reader of this blog put me onto them as he was a member. I have not been able to get a response from the group or the reader that emailed me to suggest them.

I have now made first contact with such a group operating out of Sweden. I’ve been to Sweden many times as I work for a Swedish company. I love the country and the people. I feel at home there. I hope, I truly hope that I can find a home within this group- not sure how social meets and blots will go though!

I’ve started to look at learning Icelandic (Old Norse essentially) and Swedish for my own interests.

I’ll let you know how this attempted contact goes…

*update* The group international contact person has been in touch… we will discuss further

Still searching for a non- folkish heathen group in England…

A flicker of hope comes like a light at the end of the tunnel- turns out to be a freight train coming your way! Or nothing….

After a previous post on my search for a non- folkish heathen group, a flurry of hits to the blog and I received an email from a member of such a group that also happened to be near to myself.

“great!” I thought as the member of the group offered to answer any questions I had and suggested the group may be what I am searching for. I replied asking more about the group, but alas I received no reply…

“mmmmm….” thinks I, taking it at the least as assign that this group is still functioning unlike some I have attempted to contact. On to their website and email the admin as perthe instructions there for those that wish to ask questions or join the group…

2 weeks and no reply from the admin… I consign myself that I am destined to walk this path alone with one eye on the road and one on the horizon for any like minded groups…