Runic magic beyond the confines of Norse systems

A recent review of my work, the Left-hand of Odin, was extremely positive. Thank you kindly.

The only negative of the review was that the reviewer felt that the second section of the work which looks at the Runes as a system of initiation and the practical application of the Runes to magical work was too ceremonial. The review felt that the Runes belong in spaecraft, seidr and galdr and took issue with the use of stadhagaldr also.

I must respond that I too used to hold views very similar to these. In order to evolve however, I came to see how the channelling of the energies of the Runes through yogic movements in a manner similar to the application of qi gong, when combined with galdr, furthered the power of the runes. Why limit yourself to one system? Within the work, I offer that the Runes are subjective in their nature — as such, what works for you, works for you. Odin ventured beyond galdr when seeking to learn seidr, so why limit yourself? Dare to move beyond and incorporate other structures that work for your application. The use of an aegishjalmur sigil to channel energies from the eight realms surrounding Midgard is far from the Solomonic tradition that the reviewer interprets as Abrahamic. It is an energy array for channelling causal and acausal energies through the vitki — it is in no way a circle of protection or triangle of binding.

In short, the Runes are keys and take subjective forms for each person who seeks and interacts with them. Why limit your toolkit to a fixed set of parameters? The beauty and power of magic lays in seeking that which works for the self and nothing more. Altering forms, rituals and words for varied means, locations and the operator is where the skill is found. No magical text is intended as a mere ‘recipe’ book, to be followed in strict adherence. Such is the reason why rituals and sigils have variants between historic periods and geographic locations.

I no longer care what pantheon or source an energy or ritual is traditionally associated with. I make use of any and all that serves my purpose. My base is in Runic magic, yet daemonolatory, chaos, ceremonial, hermetic and qi gong all play a role in my workings. Dare to stray beyond the accepted confines of your system. Such is where the left-hand path takes us. Outside the confines of our world is where we encounter new power, destruction and remanifestation in an ever more powerful form.

Energy burst

I find myself embracing a burst of energy. Last night I re-read Peter Carroll’s Liber Kaos. Having taken much more from the work during this second reading, I have placed it upon my collection shelves alongside Liber Null & Psychonomicon. 

Tonight, at the start of a short seasonal break I have picked up Michael Kelly’s Dragonscales. As one who will openly admit to being a huge fan of his work in Apophis, Aegishjalmur , and especially the ideology within Draconian Consciousness— then I find myself somewhat disappointed by the shorter essay form approach in this work. I found some value in his Words of Power text. At the halfway mark then I am struggling to find a value to the Dragonscales offering. As a guide– I judge the worth of books by how many notes I make in the margins and where I have turned down pages to identify key resonances with my own philosophy.Kelly’s work is generally held in the highest by myself. This essay form work will not make it onto my special items shelf and will be resigned to the standard magical texts shelf.

Tomorrow will be special, although not for it being Christmas Eve. I will embrace the ability to perform a detailed working upon a Wednesday night and into Thursday morning without having to be in work the next day. Sounds petty I’m sure– try rising at 4am everyday to get a train! Wednesday are obviously Odin’s day. I will converse with the entity (or archetype) of Wodannaz during the meditative stage of the working. As you may be aware, I worship only myself and work with the All-father as an exemplary model of becoming, a key archetype of the potential that is embodied within myself. Having had some significant manifestation of my desires that were the focal point of recent workings, then this will be a simple process of identification for future learnings.





Rude white light

On Friday, my family encountered more evidence of the rudeness that is seemingly evident amongst the white lighters.

On a field trip to that home of new ageness that is Glastonbury, we entered a bookshop. I love books and spend a stupid amount on purchasing new texts. Whilst I was browsing my four year old daughter dared to touch a book cover. Now, she is surrounded by books at home and has the upmost respect for them. Upon receipt of a rudely delivered warning not to touch the new books, I removed my family from the shop. The store lost a significant sale as a result of their intolerance of a child.

Unfortunately we don’t dress like stereotypical hippies or neo-goth wiccans as we aren’t anything of the sort. Would we be treated with friendlier intent if we did so?

Who cares! Their loss. I don’t need their acceptance anyway. The sheep can bleat.

But why are white lighters so rude to anyone other than an obvious adherent to their ways?

Spiritual and magical development

In forming my own system of training for both mind and will, I’ve accelerated the schedule of reading thanks to the kindle app on my ipad.

Some great books I’ve been reading are:

Beyond Good & Evil by Nietzsche- a great book on morality and I almost clapped for joy at the definition of slave/master morality. The master morality approach is definitely aligned with my own here.

the Book of Seidr by Runic John- a brilliant book that developed the system of meditation I had already began without realising it was along the lines of Seidr.

Raja Yoga by Yogi Ramachakara- an old book, but a brilliant introduction to the power of Raja yoga and the realisation that our bodies and minds are just tools for us to use. We are not our bodies. We are immortal and invulnerable.

Liber ABA book 4 by Crowley- Crowley’s definitive magical text in my opinion. Not everything is valid for myself and I believe there are elements of chaotic text thrown in purposely to deceive and deter the unworthy individual, but I sincerely believe Crowley is not only the most understood of British heroes of the last 100 years, but was in fact one of the greatest minds that these isles ever produced.

It is my opinion, that in order to develop both the powers of our might and main, then we must also develop our spiritual understanding and self-awareness as well as simply harvesting knowledge of herbs, ritual etc. and this is the reasoning behind my interests in yoga, qi gong, philosophy, art and music.


Great books

Right now my reading is going into overdrive.

I currently have Beyond Good & Evil by Nietzsche and the Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa as my reading materials.

Having just finished the Apology of Socrates by Plato and Hammer of the God’s by Wodening and Churton’s biography of Aleister Crowley, I’m rapidly proceeding through my reading pile and will need to add further works to be studied.

Whilst I was not overly impressed with the Apology, I am finding Beyond Good & Evil much more nurishing for the brain. The work of Agrippa to compile the three books of occult philosophy is something to be commended. To compile such a body of lore, theory and knowledge during a time when witchcraft was still punishable by burning, was an amazing act of bravery. Of course, as is so aptly demonstrated by the story of Agrippa’s life- it was far easier for a man to study such works than a lady at the time and indeed Agrippa was called upon to prove the innocence of a lady accused of witchcraft.  However much admiration I have for his bravery and work, I can not proclaim that I would be as brave to emulate his works should I find myself in a country where such behaviour would lead to my death. Indeed, I must stress the point that I relate the possible situation to another ‘country’ and not ‘a time’. It is vital to bear in mind that whilst we have the luck to live in a liberal western country, there are still countries in the 21st century where an accusation of witchcraft is sufficient for a lynch mob and kangaroo court to find ladies (yes, it is still more likely to be a lady accused and murdered for witchcraft) guilty of witchcraft and drag them from their homes and put them to their death.