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The Lone Wanderer

In search of assistance and in need of guidance– a man must at sometime question the concept of faith. Finding ahome within the Pagan faiths rather than the mainstream religions is a big step. The journey does not end here though– the road to finding your true beliefs is long and full of peril. Guidance from a traveller who has gone before can only help speed you on your way.

Occult philosophy & Magic:


The Left-hand of Odin

As supreme god of the Norse pantheon, Odin is a truly grey god as he blurs the polarised line between black and white magic and morality. Odin is the archetypal god of Nietzschean ideals. Cyneaþsson assesses the roles of Odin as an archetypal god of the left-hand path and similarities between Odin and the Hindu Shiva amongst other deific archetypes. Through an analysis of the left-hand path, morality and magic, Cyneaþsson assesses the lore of Odin from Norse mythology in order to assess his function as an archetypal deity of the left-hand path. Cyneaþsson then presents an approach by which the magus of the left-hand path can redefine themselves and channel their will into magical work with results that manifest either externally or internally. Cyneaþsson here offers a practical application of the Runes as an initiatory tool of the self which function as a set of keys to the deification of the self.

Aphoristic fiction:


Wake Up to Die

Waking up in a roadside motel, Steve and Mary Jane find a video on their bed. What they see on the video shakes their world. The phone call which follows ensures that life will never be the same for them as they race against time, against the local Sheriff and against a deranged psychopath.