Occult – useful links

http://sacred-texts.com   for the Key of Solomon, Goetia, Qu’ran, Books of Moses, Havamal and many, many other historic texts.  Invaluable for texts of antiquity.

http://www.quareia.com/#main is an incredible achievement.  McCarthy here offers a complete, comprehensive and well structured course in magism.  This course has the potential to take you from plebeian to adept if you have the will.

http://www.specularium.org/  An excellent source for the Chaos workings of Peter Carroll.

http://www.iotbritishisles.org/  Initiatory Chaos Magic group.  Well structured and with a comprehensive approach.

http://www.lunarium.co.uk/calendar/universal.jsp for a lunar calendar.

http://www.tomegatherion.co.uk/home.htm  A great guide to various aspects of the occult, groups and symbolism.  Far from being the ultimate resource, it is however a comprehensive guide and launch pad.

http://www.ancient-symbols.com/ is a well researched and structured resource for all esoteric and religious symbolism.

http://www.hermetics.org/library/Library_Grimoires.html  Is a great resource for Hermetic texts and study.

http://www.esotericarchives.com/esoteric.htm is another amazing source of texts from antiquity.  If you need an ancient occult text, then it is likely here.