for the Key of Solomon, Goetia, Qu’ran, Books of Moses, Havamal and many, many other historic texts.  Invaluable for texts of antiquity. is an incredible achievement.  McCarthy here offers a complete, comprehensive and well structured course in magism.  This course has the potential to take you from plebeian to adept if you have the will.  An excellent source for the Chaos workings of Peter Carroll.  Initiatory Chaos Magic group.  Well structured and with a comprehensive approach. for a lunar calendar.  A great guide to various aspects of the occult, groups and symbolism.  Far from being the ultimate resource, it is however a comprehensive guide and launch pad. is a well researched and structured resource for all esoteric and religious symbolism.  Is a great resource for Hermetic texts and study. is another amazing source of texts from antiquity.  If you need an ancient occult text, then it is likely here.