My beliefs…

-the gods are many in number, yet all stem from the same source.
-the gods are not immortal or omnipotent
-like humans, there is no evil god, but there are mistakes that are made and gods who do things we perceive as typically ‘evil’, but with a reason (be it good or bad)

-the gods are not manifest beings and are acausal in nature, experienced only through the collective unconscious of manifest beings.  An archetypal consciousness may inflate the mind of an individual, thus enacting a form of possession that may manifest as inspiration, rage, fury, passion or madness.

-Odin is the chief god, the allfather, the giver of order to the  nine worlds, seeker of wisdom, the god of conscious thought.  Others know this rebellious consciousness as Set, Lucifer, Shiva or the Prince of Darkness.  All forms employ aspects of creation, ordering and destruction, along with an instinctive will to act against the prevalent ethic.

-Gullveig is the name of the feminine mystery, also known as Parvati and the whore of Babylon.  As with Odin, the archetype is known by an array of names.  She is known by the titles of Freyja and Frigg in accordance to her function within the triple aspect.  She is Kali, Ostara, Isis etc.

-Odin and Gullveig in union are cognate with the Shiva-Shakti union.  The joining and merging of the archetypes of male/feminine energies is both the birth and destruction of being.

-Loki is the true agent of Odin’s will as the manifest shadow of Odin’s psyche. Loki has the skills and strength to perform the actions that Odin cannot be seen to. Odin is King to Loki’s spy. Loki is the Jungian shadow archetype — the unconscious will.  Loki manifests the actions that Odin considers and hesitates.  Loki and Odin are intrinsically co-existent.  Without one, there is no other.  A similar pairing is found in Egyptian mythology in the duality of Set-Apep.

– altar’s are only for use in giving thanks for the tuition of a deity.  No prayer or sacrifice is offered in request for favours or intervention.  To pray for aid is to admit ones inferiority and renounce ones own independence.  The relationship with deity is one of student-teacher.  One may seek guidance, yet never request the teacher to act on your behalf.

-the wisdom of old (runes, elemental magic, crystals, herbs, seasons, affinity with nature, familiars etc) is intrinsic within us. Even Judaism, Christianity etc acknowledge ceremonial magic with candles, incense, cakes and wine ritual and align their festivals with those of the old religion.

-souls are called to the halls of the gods as and when they are ready. The dead that aren’t called dwell in the underworld (not a form of hell) until they are either called or are reincarnated. Great warriors are hailed for their bravery. Those with the will to overcome may join the ranks of the gods. Those who do not excel in the manifest realm have a choice of resting in Hel’s realm or being reborn to try once more to overcome themselves.  The destination of our consciousness is entirely dependant upon our desire to remanifest, rest or become.

-Odin, Villi and Ve (Odin, Hoenir & Lodur) formed the worlds in the present order. In no sense did they create only ‘northern Europe’ for the worship of only those peoples. Odin is a master of disguise and it is my belief that Odin and the other Gods appear differently to various peoples around the world dependant on how they are viewed and interpreted by various people around the world. I believe that the likes of Moses are none other that Odin appearing in a form to the Jews (the beard, the walking/wandering, the staff (Gungnir) and the magic. We read what tales of Odin we have with a pre-text explaining that Grim etc is in fact Odin. Maybe we are missing the ones that explain Moses is actually Odin? Why is this such a hard stretch? In Gylfaginning, it is explained that Odin  is known by many names as ‘most of these names have been given (to him) because, the many different nations speaking different tongues in the world, all wanted to change his name into their own tongue in order to address and pray (to him) for themselves’

-likewise, when Odin, Hoenir and Lodur created mankind by giving the vitality of life, free will and perception- then they effectively seperated us from the natural world around us. Mankind is described as being ‘human’ and much debate rages over what makes us ‘human’ and sentient. I believe that what was given in the past was not the shaping of humans from trees (that was actually the re-forming of one carbon source into that of an extremely complex carbon based life form), but that Odin, Hoenir and Lodur actually gave us the power to make of this world whatever we should choose and to be masters of our own. The gift of Wod is that which sets man apart from the animal kingdom.  Wod is cognate to the Black Flame.

-Lodur is truly Loki.

-the names given to things may not be as they truely were. The socio-environmental colouring and interpretation of knowledge can and has most likely shifted throughout time. Ymir is not likely to have been a ‘giant’ born out of the ice of Niflheim, but for me is the original primal mass. Audhumla was not a cow so to speak, but cow may have been derived as a form of cattle- with ‘cattle’ being a misinterpretation of ‘catalyst’ in that Audhumla was the catalyst that enhanced the melting of the primal ice of Niflheim.

– When Heimdall (as Rig) created the classes, he did so in order to set the basis for a functioning society- workers, producers and leaders. There is no racial context here, only that of class/function/role within a society and is nothing more than a Platonic ideal. A society without structure will fail, the Gods acted to prevent this. I can accept that there needs to be a strong leader and functions performed by others. A corporate model works on this basis, as does the military, an animal pack etc. I will not expand on my political beliefs here as they are separate from religion as far as I am concerned. How I would run a country has little relation to my self with Odin, Thor, Frigg and the other deities.

– Anyone and everyone can learn from the Gods and Goddesses. As I said before, the gods could appear differently to a nomadic tribesman in sub-Saharan Africa than they do to a Catholic or a Viking 1000 years ago…I am Asatru, I am Heathen, I am a Satanist, I am a Setian, I aspire towards self-deification, I am elitist, I am not racist, I am not folkish, I am not vegetarian, I am not a tree-hugger and I don’t care what your sexual preference is.

I am what I am and I do not care what label you seek to apply in order to enable your own understanding. I am a individual on the journey to be complete in the Odian sense- aspiring to follow Odin’s steps in seeking knowledge and learning new skills. My will and only my will shall shape the path before me.


4 thoughts on “My beliefs…

  1. Very interesting blog this ! For some three years now (well, 2 years on wordpress) I’ve run a not all too dissimilar swedish language blog in my home country – and I was wondering – may I review yours, and recommend it, to my swedish language readers…

    Well met, Hell Särimner and Blessed Be !

    – Erik M, Stockholm, Sweden

    1. Hi Erik,

      absolutely. I have a number of visitors from Sweden and have conversed with the Forn Sed members previously. Feel free to review or re-blog my works and please do post a link to you blog here so any visitors may also find your site. My boss is Swedish and is actually the only person to question my religious beliefs based on a glimpse of my Odin tattoo and never made a judgement on me for it…in short, I have all the time in the world for anyone from Scandinavia…

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