Left-hand path/Satanism links of use

http://orderofapep.com/  An elitist left-hand path group.  The website offers only basic information.  Works within a philosophical neo-Platonic approach and is theistic.  Focused upon the cultivation of intellectual excellence.  Membership is selective.

https://xeper.org// an exemplary organisation, the Temple of Set that is dedicated to the furthering of the self having evolved out of the Church of Satan into a theistic organisation centred around the Seitian current.  Membership is selective.

http://www.dragonrouge.net/english/general.html is a more gothic styled aesthetic approach to the left-hand path via a blend of runes, qabalah and goetia that is based out of Sweden.  There are groups around the world and an immensely impressive online forum through which initiates are able to converse and develop.  Based heavily upon the teachings of Thomas Karlsson, the groups philosophy and approach is one of excellence.  The only major downside is that a majority of the main gatherings occur in Scandinavia.  Initial membership is open to all, although progression to further degrees is required in order to retain association.

https://thesatanictemple.com/ is an extremely active and antinomian group.  Whilst challenging the religious status quo in the United States on a continual basis, they do have an immense amount of energy that they put into their activities, many of which are to be applauded.

https://gcol.wildapricot.org/ is what currently remains of the Greater Church of Lucifer after a disastrous incident.  The remaining archons are well versed in the left-hand path and able to guide others well, yet it remains to be seen if the GCOL shall recover or if it remanifests as a new entity.  When searching for guidance upon the left-hand path, then this is a well balanced approach that holds no discrimination against either theistic or atheistic approaches.

http://www.theorderofphosphorus.com/ is the initiatory path associated with the GCOL.  Heavily focused upon the works of Michael W. Ford.  If you are drawn to and work with Ford’s approach, then this may work well for yourself.

http://www.churchofsatan.com/ had to be included for a Western approach to the left-hand path.  Based upon aspects of LaVey’s work, the group now functions largely as a fan-club.  Pay your fees and get your card.  Pay more and sign up as an active minister.  That is about as far as you will get however as there is no Church structure to the CoS.  There is no initiatory path.  There is no real working to be done here.  Purely atheistic.

 http://iai.tv  is an incredible source for the latest philosophical thoughts.

http://luciferian.info/ is a well written blogzine of the Luciferian current.  Originating from within the Order of Phospherous, it is perhaps more aligned with the approach of the Greater Church of Lucifer than other left-hand paths, yet it is worth reading for all upon the left-hand path.