Playlist of a Magus…

Here is a selection of my favourite songs with appropriate themes…

 Artist   Album/Song
Agalloch  Marrow of the Spirit
Aalloch  The Serpent & the Sphere
Amon Amarth   With Oden on Our Side
Amon Amarth   Fate of Norns
Amon Amarth Surtur Rising
Atlantean Kodex  The White Goddess
Beowulf  Soundtrack
Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack
Bathory  Blood Fire Death
Bathory Nordland I
Bathory Nordland II
Behemoth  The Satanist
Behemoth  Evangelion
Black Crown Initiate  The Wreckage of Stars
Black Sabbath  Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath Dehumanizer
The Body  I Shall Die Here
Candlemass  Candlemass
Candlemass  Epicus Doomicus Metalicus
Crom  Vengeance
The Crow  Soundtrack
Drudkh  Forgotten Legends
Electric Wizard  Black Masses
Electric Wizard  Come My Fanatics
Emperor  Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Emperor  In the Nightside Eclipse
Emperor  Prometheus- The Discipline of Fire & Demise
Emperor  1 x Equilibrium
Ghost  Opus Eponymous
Ihsahn  The Adversary
Ihsahn  Angl
Ihsahn  Das Seelenbrechen
Ihsahn  Eremetia
Jeremy Soule  Skyrim Soundtrack
Led Zeppelin Ramble On
Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore
Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven
Stravinsky  The Rite of Spring
Lustmord  The Monstrous Soul
Marilyn Manson  Holy Wood
NIN  The Downward Spiral
Opeth  Blackwater Park
Sunn 0)))  Altar
Sunn 0)))  Black One
Sunn 0))) White two
Sunn o)))  Flight of the Behemoth
Sunn 0)))  Oracle
Tyr   By the Light of the Northern Star
Tyr   The Lay of Thrym
Tyr  Eric the Red
Tyr  How far to Asgard
Tyr  Land
Tyr  Ragnarok
Wardruna   Gap Var Ginnunga
Wardruna  Yggdrasil
 Sig:Ar:Tyr   Godsaga
Grand Magus   The Hunt
Grand Magus   Hammer of the North
Grand Magus  Iron Will
Grand Magus  Monument
Grand Magus  Triumph and Power
Hagalaz Runedance  Frigga’s Web
Rebllion  Arise
Rebellion  Miklagard
Rebllion  Sagas of Iceland
Sequentia  Edda
Falkenbach   Asa
Hellraiser  Soundtrack
Hellraiser II Soundtrack
Watain  the Wild Hunt
 Bram Stoker’s Dracula  Soundtrack
Wolves in the Throne Room  Celestial Lineage
Wolves in the Throne Room  Celestite
YOB  Clearing the Path to Ascend

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