New work: ‘To Seere a Body’ coming 14th June to Kindle Scout for 30 days only!

When sleep is but a dream, then what is real?

My latest work, To Seere a Body, is nearing release.  It is an extended allegory; a piece of philosophical fiction that encapsulates an enquiry into the nature of Being, the origins of consciousness, and the reality of the world around us.  

The book will be live and available on Wednesday 14th June 2017 and will be available to read, FREE of charge, on Amazon’s Kindle Select programme — all that you have to do is leave a review!  Hurry, as it is only available until 14th July 2017!  The following is the link for you to read the book:

(the link will only work between 14th June and 14th July 2017!)

Peter Wilson is a psychology student at Monkford University.  As Peter embarks upon a research project, with the aim of defining the nature of the mind, Peter’s experimentation with sleep deprivation finds him increasingly unable to discriminate as to what is real and what is a hallucination. 

Peter has been granted initial funding for his project as a part of wider project led by his friend and tutor, Professor Hall. The addition of Rachel Seeres as an assistant to the team sees her guide Peter into a refinement of his experiments.  Through continual experimentation with astral projects, Peter gradually refines his technique.  Each experiment provides further insights into the nature of the mind, or soul, and takes Peter ever further into a state between waking consciousness and dream.

When dreams and reality merge into one, Peter finds himself embroiled in a battle for both his life and his sanity. 

The final evaluation of events finds Peter discovering the answers to the questions that drove his research:  what is the mind, where does it come from and how does it relate to our bodies?  As the definition of reality is forever altered, both Peter and you, the reader, find themselves questioning the nature of events and their own existence.


Lookout for the work on Kindle Scout for a limited period, ending 14th July 2017!

Check out the Kindle Scout programme here and read books for free:



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