Beyond Gods and men…

The tale is found in almost all mythologies – that of the solar deity who must die, regardless of any action taken by others.  Invariably, the mighty wills of the deities are unable to prevent the death of the deity.  We find this tale within the myths of Baldr, Jesus, and Osiris amongst many others.  No matter the deific might or magic of the other gods, there is no manner in which the death may be averted as it has been decreed to occur elsewhere – by beings beyond the power of the gods.

Such tales occurred to me when I engaged in a review of a working I had undertaken.  In a near two-week period of intense workings, the end result failed to materialise in accordance with my will.  My analysis failed to identify anything that had been missed.  The workings were correct.  The alignments were perfect.  The timings and correspondences were all suitably aligned with the desired result.  Even the divination, employed to assess if the works were effective, suggested change.  I realise now that the change was not as desired, yet it shall be effective regardless.

So why did the result fail to manifest in accordance with my will?  Upon review, it occurred that even the mighty archetype of the feminine (known by various names that include Isis, Gullveigr, Ishtar, Frigg, Freyja, Ostara, Mary and Astaroth, amongst others) failed to prevent the death of the solar deity (Jesus, Baldr, and Osiris amongst others).  Even the deific male consciousness (be it Odin or otherwise) is unable to prevent the death of the solar deity.  When even the mighty powers of the deific are unable to prevent the death of a fellow deity, then there are agents at work whose power is beyond even theirs.  Given that the realms of both gods and men are the creation of an organising consciousness (such as Odin in the formation of Yggdrasil from the remains of the proto-being, Ymir), then such entities are to found external to the order of realms created by the deities.  Who or what then are those beings of immense power?

The answer is that they are many.  They are the Fates/Norn, the Eagle, and the great Dragon, amongst others.  Their names vary by mythology, yet they are known.  I know now that I must shift focus and work directly with these beings.  The lessons I have learnt through my work with the gods have been many, yet I find myself frustrated that I remain subject to the will of others – a will that even the mighty gods find themselves subject to.  This journey that I know undertake, I posit, is the that undertaken by Odin when he sacrifices himself upon the ordered cosmology of Yggdrasil – to reach beyond the confines and seek the knowledge of the primal beings.   Thus, I cast myself into the void, the great abyss beyond the realms of gods and men, to engage upon a quest worthy of the demigods of Greek lore.  To seek the knowledge of those primal beings who shape the destinies of both gods and men and those beings whose purpose is to bring forth the destruction of that which is, in to allow that which will be to come into Being – the great Dragon.

Beyond Gods & Men…


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