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The scientific notion of a link between the brains pleasure/reward systems and religious experience draws parallels to the same activation of these systems through the experiences of addiction, love and orgasm.  The question must be then asked if this link is the root of the religious allegory of ‘love thyself’?  Is the path to deity through the orgiastic embrace of the Dionysian?  Perhaps we find clues in the mythological tales around the world, where creation occurs as a result of a deific masturbation.  Such would ultimately verify the validity of sexio-magical ritual in bringing forth the manifestation of ones desires or the formation of egregore like entities.

I smile with every step the empirical sciences take towards the recapitulation of the knowledge once known by our ancestors — that which lays hidden as fragments within the philosophies and myths of the world.

A side thought — if masturbation creates the same state as religious experience, then perhaps this explains the right-hand path instruction to abstain from procreation and masturbation as such would eliminate the medium of the religious structure to facillitate religiosity.


Source: This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits — ScienceDaily