Today I feel a little like an ass.

After spending hours and hours studying astrology, specifically the calculation of natal astrology birth charts, then today it hit me how I had missed one important factor.  The natal chart requires an accurate time of birth.  A difference of just 15 mins (for rounded-up/down times) can make a huge difference.  Imagine the stupidity when I realised that the UK birth certificates have no time of birth.  I have no idea even what time of day I was born!  I spent days creating excel programmes to calculate planetary positions etc. based upon the time of birth for anywhere in the world.  Hours and hours… Sure it was valuable and valid — just invalid in terms of applicability to my needs,  It is like spending a lifetime designing and building a oil conversion system for cars, only to find that once you are finished with your work then the world no longer uses oil or cars!

Sure, there is a solution.  You can calculate multiple charts: midnight, mid-day and 23:59 for the date of birth and then interpret the consistent factors.  Such renders some of the specifics pointless.  The solution is ultimately a diversion towards Vedic astrology.

Note to self:  next time you commence a study of a skill and subject, check on the applicability of the techniques to the local in which you find yourself.


4 thoughts on “Ass-trology

  1. How is it you went through all the trouble of studying and designing programs for tracking planets without thinking first of the necessity for time of birth? Are you setting up shop as a paid astrologer? What motivated you to study astrology in the first place? Are you from the UK? Or, did you just decide to chart UK people and then realize the lack of time of birth on their papers?

    Yes, many questions. 🙂

    1. The motivations for the study of astrology are many. Take the time to read the blog and you may be able to discern some of them.

      Whilst studying astrology, specifically Western Astrology, there is the presumption of a known time of birth. Unfortunately, I fell into the false view that it was easy to look up your time of birth — hence, the ‘ass’. It was only after running various exercises and working on the excel packages that I decided to progress my own chart. Immediately, it became apparent that here in the UK we have no official recorded time of birth. Without an accurate recall of a parent to provide the time of birth, there is no real means to discern such vital information. It is one of those things. The packages apply should others be aware of their time of birth and they will serve some use for my other reasoning behind the study of astrology. Vedic astrology will serve to fill the gaps that have resulted from the lack of time specific data.

      1. You can’t possibly be the first person in the UK to consider looking into Western Astrology and finding a problem with not having an exact time of birth, can you?

        I am roughly versed in Western and Chinese. But, I am far from the detailed trackers I find on here. Nor do I have any “excel” knowledge for designing tracking/positioning systems.

        I became interested after meeting a amateur astronomer from Spain, and it exploded from there. I mainly consider astrology for compatibility, explaining some events and giving people insight into themselves (when I find someone who is not already aware and willing to sit down and look at the books I have collected).

      2. No, certainly not the first to realise the issue in the UK. It is however widely ignored unless you have any information as to the time of birth from your parent (as I said before). There is no other solution and so the issues with inaccuracies are exaggerated for the UK.

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