Today I feel a little like an ass.

After spending hours and hours studying astrology, specifically the calculation of natal astrology birth charts, then today it hit me how I had missed one important factor.  The natal chart requires an accurate time of birth.  A difference of just 15 mins (for rounded-up/down times) can make a huge difference.  Imagine the stupidity when I realised that the UK birth certificates have no time of birth.  I have no idea even what time of day I was born!  I spent days creating excel programmes to calculate planetary positions etc. based upon the time of birth for anywhere in the world.  Hours and hours… Sure it was valuable and valid — just invalid in terms of applicability to my needs,  It is like spending a lifetime designing and building a oil conversion system for cars, only to find that once you are finished with your work then the world no longer uses oil or cars!

Sure, there is a solution.  You can calculate multiple charts: midnight, mid-day and 23:59 for the date of birth and then interpret the consistent factors.  Such renders some of the specifics pointless.  The solution is ultimately a diversion towards Vedic astrology.

Note to self:  next time you commence a study of a skill and subject, check on the applicability of the techniques to the local in which you find yourself.