The magic of 36…

Recently, I turned 36 years of age.  Far from being a momentous occasion, it is merely a progression towards the Jungian point of 40 where life begins (Jung said that everything up until 40 was merely research).

Since turning 36, a number of things have happened.  There have been developments within my occult work, I have a new book ready for publication (pending a final technical edit), my ventures in many realms are being to gain momentum and I continue to receive guidance as to where I should aim my progression next.  35 was an age of development, a final embryonic stage if you will, perhaps even a final degree of recapitulation from past lives and manifestations.  It would seem that 36 is an age at which I commence alignment with the Jungian birth-canal.

So what makes 36 so special?  To those well versed, then the answer is simple.  36=3+6 and is therefore 9.  Nine.  The magical nine.  The mystical nine.  The number of man.  The ennead.  The limitless number, short only of deification in order to become the complete and infinite.  The number of Prometheus.  The number of Yggdrasil.  The secret of the 3,6 and 9.  The Eleusinian birth-canal through which the consciousness passes on its way to becoming.

So here I stand (well, I am sat as I type!).  36 years old.  The final stage before arrival at the 10.  It is time to kick the show into gear and commence the contractions that will propel me on my way.


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