There’s something weird going on beyond Neptune

Okay, here is an interesting article.  The reality here is that we have a further ‘revelation’ of a previously unknown entity acting in a manner that defies the common understanding (or lack of) as to how how solar system works.

What really fascinates me is that people continue to believe NASA and others when they say things such as ‘we have found a planet similar to Earth’, ‘there is nothing to suggest an alien superstructure surrounding the star…’, ‘there is no water on planet (insert any planet as you see fit – they have said it at some point!) or claim accurate explanations of the mechanics of the Universe.

If we know so much, then why are we continually hit with revelations such as those of Planet X, water on Europa and now another irregular body within our own solar system.  Why should we believe anything a scientist says about the mechanics of the universe when they are far from understanding our own solar system!  They struggle to even explain the Moon!

Science – religion in a lab coat.  Like all religion – it should be questioned and never taken as gospel.

The below article and image are from the website – link below.  The Engadget link is because I am unable to link to the NewScientist article for some reason.



Source: There’s something weird going on beyond Neptune


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