Cruel is nature

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Nature is obscenely cruel.  The very fact that nature is this insanely cruel also shows some of the reality of how the world around us operates.  Man currently functions as a virus, destroying its host — the Earth.  The insane parasitic infection within the mantis shows how many parasites elect against destruction of its host,  An intelligent parasite realises its reliance upon its host and fosters a co-dependence where it controls and receives all it desires of its host in exchange for allowing the host to continue to thrive and fulfil its essential nature: to procreate.


When will man evolve from virus into intelligent parasite?


2 thoughts on “Cruel is nature

    1. One can only assume so. If the mantis was able to survive, then it would have been in the interests of the parasite worm to remain within the host. It would seem that the water drowns the mantis, thus causing the worm to evacuate.

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