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A fascinating topic and a good summary of research, with credible links and videos hosted on YouTube from the team at The original article is linked directly below. Psychokinesis is very much a possibility and very real. If the mind enforces will through the stimulation of the brain to produce electrical impulses, conveyed to […]

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Runic magic beyond the confines of Norse systems

A recent review of my work, the Left-hand of Odin, was extremely positive. Thank you kindly.

The only negative of the review was that the reviewer felt that the second section of the work which looks at the Runes as a system of initiation and the practical application of the Runes to magical work was too ceremonial. The review felt that the Runes belong in spaecraft, seidr and galdr and took issue with the use of stadhagaldr also.

I must respond that I too used to hold views very similar to these. In order to evolve however, I came to see how the channelling of the energies of the Runes through yogic movements in a manner similar to the application of qi gong, when combined with galdr, furthered the power of the runes. Why limit yourself to one system? Within the work, I offer that the Runes are subjective in their nature — as such, what works for you, works for you. Odin ventured beyond galdr when seeking to learn seidr, so why limit yourself? Dare to move beyond and incorporate other structures that work for your application. The use of an aegishjalmur sigil to channel energies from the eight realms surrounding Midgard is far from the Solomonic tradition that the reviewer interprets as Abrahamic. It is an energy array for channelling causal and acausal energies through the vitki — it is in no way a circle of protection or triangle of binding.

In short, the Runes are keys and take subjective forms for each person who seeks and interacts with them. Why limit your toolkit to a fixed set of parameters? The beauty and power of magic lays in seeking that which works for the self and nothing more. Altering forms, rituals and words for varied means, locations and the operator is where the skill is found. No magical text is intended as a mere ‘recipe’ book, to be followed in strict adherence. Such is the reason why rituals and sigils have variants between historic periods and geographic locations.

I no longer care what pantheon or source an energy or ritual is traditionally associated with. I make use of any and all that serves my purpose. My base is in Runic magic, yet daemonolatory, chaos, ceremonial, hermetic and qi gong all play a role in my workings. Dare to stray beyond the accepted confines of your system. Such is where the left-hand path takes us. Outside the confines of our world is where we encounter new power, destruction and remanifestation in an ever more powerful form.

Kepler’s “Alien Megastructure” Star Just Got Weirder – Scientific American

I love this story.. the weirder it gets, the more uncomfortable the scientists investigating it seem to get.  I have no insight as to what is the cause of the fluctuations and have no real care if it is aliens or an otherwise unseen natural phenomena.  What I do enjoy however is the conflict between empirical data and the parameters of accepted scientific thought.  Challenge the boundaries at all times, for when you break them you shall find the truth.


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Bizarre “Tabby’s Star” shows an overall dimming trend, further confusing astronomers

Source: Kepler’s “Alien Megastructure” Star Just Got Weirder – Scientific American

Cruel is nature

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Nature is obscenely cruel.  The very fact that nature is this insanely cruel also shows some of the reality of how the world around us operates.  Man currently functions as a virus, destroying its host — the Earth.  The insane parasitic infection within the mantis shows how many parasites elect against destruction of its host,  An intelligent parasite realises its reliance upon its host and fosters a co-dependence where it controls and receives all it desires of its host in exchange for allowing the host to continue to thrive and fulfil its essential nature: to procreate.


When will man evolve from virus into intelligent parasite?