Jungian synchronicity?  Evidence of pre-determined teleological design within the DNA assigning a time at which the individual will reproduce — identical twins thus having the same predetermination?  If anyone knows of further cases of synchronicity involving times of childbirth for identical twins, then please link to articles within the comments as this may prove an interesting avenue of research.

The report from http://www.independent.co.uk is below with a link:

The miracle of birth was upped a notch when two identical twin sisters gave birth to their babies at exactly the same time. On 30 June, Sarah Mariuz gave birth to a baby boy in Denver, Colorado, then Leah Rodgers had her daughter in La Jolla, California. Both were born at 1.18am, albeit on two different time zones. The sisters told TODAY that they are thrilled by the coincidence, but not that surprised.

Source: Identical twin sisters in different cities give birth at exact same time | Americas | News | The Independent