Wake Up to Die


For readers of my blog, especially those who enjoy my darker philosophical musings; check out my third publication and my first work of fiction — Wake Up to Die is an aphoristic thriller for those looking beyond the break neck pace of the action.  Enjoy the plot, enjoy the extended aphorism — either way, you will find your thrill!

When Mary Jane escapes her horrific home-life with the aid of her boyfriend Steve, she thinks that she is about to start a brand new life.

Waking up in a roadside motel, Steve and Mary Jane find a video on their bed. What they see on the video shakes their world. The phone call which follows ensures that life will never be the same for them as they race against time, against the local Sheriff and against a deranged psychopath.


Out now in paperback, on Kindle and the Kindle select scheme in all markets! The first aphoristic thriller from Asruthr Cyneathsson!


for the Kindle version and
Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1535163003

for the paperback version.


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