Research Shows That Memories Might Be Passed Onto Our Children Through DNA – Expanded Consciousness

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The notions of genetic memory was outline by Timothy Leary and later Robert Anton Wilson.  We can of course suggest that this genetic memory may be found as an allegorical reference within mythology.  Are the Norns, as weavers of Wyrd, weaving a fabric of time that we find represented within our DNA?  Is our DNA a micro-weave to the macro-weave of manifest time?  Is our ancestors actions and knowledge is carried within us?

Of course, we must also note that as man is no wiser today than he was in ancient times .  Plato?  Ancient Egypt etc. — we are unable to grasp the very complexities that some of our ancestors were able to do so and so we have forgotten more than we recall.  Perhaps this ancient knowledge is within our DNA and we must merely find the way to access it and awaken to its truth.

There then becomes a need to know if there is an element of pre-determined evolution within our DNA.  Are we thus unable to then unlock and control our own evolution as per the theories of Timothy Leary?

Interesting times!


  Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta have found promising data showing that it’s possible for certain information to be biologically inherited by offspring, due to chemical changes in one’s DNA.   Trials using mice discovered that traumatic and stressful experiences, and the emotions that are felt during them, can be passed Read More

Source: Research Shows That Memories Might Be Passed Onto Our Children Through DNA – Expanded Consciousness


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