Why I am shaking my head about Brexit….and it’s probably not what you thought.  

A post from a new blog which pretty much summarises my view on the current climate.



I am not going to say how elated or saddened I am about the result, it was a private ballot. What saddens me the most is the rift the whole Brexit thing had caused between society and not just in the UK. The mudslinging, name calling and hateful comments between friends or perhaps worse, people you have never even met.

Voting, I have found ever since I qualified for such a privilege, has always been in my opinion a lesser of two evils. I don’t think I have ever quite agreed with a whole political party and sometimes I may sway more to one party but have no confidence in the leader/ potential PM. Brexit was no different, there were arguments on both sides to consider. I am a teacher of a subject that deals with people’s beliefs so much of my day is spent encouraging young people to consider…

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