Democracy… finally the herd begins to see that it is merely an illusion

On 23rd May 2016, the English public received yet another demonstration as to the fallacy of democracy.

When attempting to control a larger herd, the illusion of free-will and the illusion of power are manifested through the perception of a democratic voice.  Democracy is a poor form of government — Socrates warned of such, so did Nietzsche, Blake etc., and so the notion is far from new.  What is ever increasingly obvious is that the mandate of those in power will ultimately override any democratic representation.

In the U.S.A., there is the Republican party’s floundering for a solution to the popular selection of Donald Trump as their Presidential candidate.  Here in England, we have just witnessed a lengthy debate over an application for a shale-gas fracking license in Yorkshire.  After much discussion, where the only public representation to the local council consisted of speakers against the granting of a fracking license and a protest outside of the chambers, the council ignored the public concerns and approved the license:

Now the key points here are:

  1. Councillors are elected by their local constituents in order to represent the local communities concerns and needs.
  2. The local community clearly spoke out against the award of a fracking license and aired concerns as to earthquakes, ground water contamination etc., as are common in these debates.
  3. The council then voted, by seven votes to four, to ignore the local community concerns and award a license.

A cynic may suggest the council took into account the financial gains to their funds and the local economy.  It would perhaps be more appropriate to highlight the issue that arose last year in nearby Lancashire:

In a historic case, the local councils and county council for Lancashire denied a fracking license on environmental grounds.  There is a very real prospect that the local, democratically supported, decision will soon be overridden by a central government adjudication.  Such presents the potential for a further erosion of the democratic illusion — if local councils cede to the will of their constituents, then  there is the need to revert to central government where there is the strength to ignore the populace.  Whilst government will always require the overriding of public interests in certain areas, such arouses concerns as to the state of control over the herd.  If the herd cease to believe in democracy, then there is a greater risk to society as a whole.

Democracy is the most widespread form of mind control.  Governments will always take decision beyond the reasoning and understanding of wider implications of the average voter.  Either the herd must accept that they really have little control over government (voting for candidates from the grey party or the shade different grey party), or there is the need to wake up and overhaul the system.  Democracy is going nowhere — the elite simply need the workers, like the queen bee needs them.  The revolution required is in the form of the structure of democracy and the restoration of the illusion of herd control.  Without this illusion, there remains a real prospect of revolution.  Out of the ashes of a failing democracy, there arises a tyrant who seizes control — such is the warning of Plato’s Republic.  It is time for the farmer to regain control of the cattle — either reminding them of their station in the system, or by creation of a new illusion.  The current political system is failing as it is no longer able to maintain the illusion that it is representing the people who elect it.  At the most basic level, government simply has to listen to some of what society agrees upon, whilst then retaining control over aspects of economics and other elements of government such as defence policy etc., as earned via their responsibilities and skills in those areas.  Once a government ceases to adhere to the will of its populace on even the most basic levels (such as the abhorrence of fracking), then the government loses all ability to claim a position of representation of the people.

Politicians need to evolve…  It is time to renew the faith in the system.



One thought on “Democracy… finally the herd begins to see that it is merely an illusion

  1. Further evidence that the elected representatives only portray a facade of representation in the latest attempt to undermine the will of the people:

    – in short, if the populace of the UK vote for Brexit, then the MP’s elected to represent the people will decide that the people’s will is incorrect and use their democratically elected status to overrule the referendum and remain in Europe…

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