The ‘witches’ of social media

The world is a strange paradox. Pagan groups are full of those who call themselves ‘witches’, yet they spend the majority of the time beseeching others to pray for them or send them energies. However did the witches of ancient times function without social media as a platform by which to seek the energies of others — perhaps real witches used their own skills and energies? If you are unable to work magic through your own means, then you are effectively unable to claim the title ‘witch’.

Whether a ‘witch’ is skilled in the channelling of their own energies or the focussing of energies from herbs/crystals etc., then they act to work magic. The request for others to send energies is an admission of the absence of any magical ability inherent to the self-proclaimed ‘witch’. To request assistance of ‘healing energies’ etc., from others is to pray. There is a difference between an act of prayer and an act of applied magic. The sender or channeller of energies works magic , be they a witch or a deity, whilst the recipient is merely the subject.

In short, if you are a ‘witch’ with a shred of self-respect, then why belittle yourself with public begging for assistance? Either refrain from such prostration of yourself and be that which you claim you are, or cease calling yourself a witch.


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