The Left-hand of Odin

Today sees the publication of my latest work:  The Left-hand of Odin.


Here is the the left-hand of Odin

The book is available in all Amazon markets, as both print and Kindle versions.  Purchase of the print version entitles you to a free Kindle download of the book also.

So what is the book about?  Well, the product description says it all:

As supreme god of the Norse pantheon, Odin is a truly grey god as he blurs the polarised line between black and white magic and morality. Odin is the archetypal god of Nietzschean ideals. Cyneaþsson assesses the roles of Odin as an archetypal god of the left-hand path and similarities between Odin and the Hindu Shiva amongst other deific archetypes. Through an analysis of the left-hand path, morality and magic, Cyneaþsson assesses the lore of Odin from Norse mythology in order to assess his function as an archetypal deity of the left-hand path. Cyneaþsson then presents an approach by which the magus of the left-hand path can redefine themselves and channel their will into magical work with results that manifest either externally or internally. Cyneaþsson here offers a practical application of the Runes as an initiatory tool of the self which function as a set of keys to the deification of the self.

The book will likely offend those upon the right-hand path, as well as those on the Heathen path.  An interesting point — the Heathen path is a much of the right-hand form as Christianity.   Here I take a look at how Odin is Lucifer, Set, Shiva etc.  These are all forms of the dominant archetypal deity of the left-hand path.

The second part of the book has an alternative reading of the Runes.  Here I assess the Runes as a set of keys to the path of internal alchemy and evolution.  I also outline how the left-hand path magician is best able to channel energies of both the causal and acausal planes in order to manifest their will.


The next book should be out in around two months.



One thought on “The Left-hand of Odin

  1. Two 5* reviews for the book on! Surely it’s worth your time and money to find out for yourself.

    5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

    Well written and very informative. A very positive buying experience. Thank you.

    5.0 out of 5 starsThe pursuit of odin

    Great book I have done the apology twice and wanted my next bout of personal development to have a viking flavor this book will definitely open a door

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