The Left-hand of Odin

Today sees the publication of my latest work:  The Left-hand of Odin.


Here is the the left-hand of Odin

The book is available in all Amazon markets, as both print and Kindle versions.  Purchase of the print version entitles you to a free Kindle download of the book also.

So what is the book about?  Well, the product description says it all:

As supreme god of the Norse pantheon, Odin is a truly grey god as he blurs the polarised line between black and white magic and morality. Odin is the archetypal god of Nietzschean ideals. Cyneaþsson assesses the roles of Odin as an archetypal god of the left-hand path and similarities between Odin and the Hindu Shiva amongst other deific archetypes. Through an analysis of the left-hand path, morality and magic, Cyneaþsson assesses the lore of Odin from Norse mythology in order to assess his function as an archetypal deity of the left-hand path. Cyneaþsson then presents an approach by which the magus of the left-hand path can redefine themselves and channel their will into magical work with results that manifest either externally or internally. Cyneaþsson here offers a practical application of the Runes as an initiatory tool of the self which function as a set of keys to the deification of the self.

The book will likely offend those upon the right-hand path, as well as those on the Heathen path.  An interesting point — the Heathen path is a much of the right-hand form as Christianity.   Here I take a look at how Odin is Lucifer, Set, Shiva etc.  These are all forms of the dominant archetypal deity of the left-hand path.

The second part of the book has an alternative reading of the Runes.  Here I assess the Runes as a set of keys to the path of internal alchemy and evolution.  I also outline how the left-hand path magician is best able to channel energies of both the causal and acausal planes in order to manifest their will.


The next book should be out in around two months.



Scientists find evidence for ‘chronesthesia,’ or mental time travel

An amazing article.  Quantum consciousness and the multi-verse are within reach.  Ascendency through Leary’s mental circuits is at least partially verified by science as possible.


What next?  They will say that sufficient will power and control of the consciousness is shown to effect what is termed ‘magic’?

Source: Scientists find evidence for ‘chronesthesia,’ or mental time travel

Lovecraftian magic

There are numerous magicians who make use of Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythology as a basis for the invocation or evocation of energies and beings. There are even infamous versions of the fabled ‘Necronomicon’, with Simon’s perhaps the most well-known.

Whilst in the past I may have readily decried such as mere role-play magic, I am now able to see the merits of such.

Are the beings of the Cthulu mythos imaginary? Well, they are the product of a an author writing works of fiction. Yet, where we think of something, and if any other believes in such, then we give a thing energy or life; similar to the way in which an egregore is manifest and charged. There is also the consideration that a lot of which Lovecraft wrote is very close to a number of philosophical ideas and mythological precedents. If Lovecraft denied any such knowledge of these aspects, then he was either subject to a Nietzsche like inflation by a consciousness whom wrote through him, or he was merely covering.

The implication of quantum physics suggests that by conscious observation of a result, we collapse potentiality into being. As such, we can only create that which we are looking for. This restriction may also explain why many ideas take some 60-70 years to prove; we need to look for proof of them in order to manifest such as reality. The magical result is therefore that by continued belief in the existence of the Old Ones, giving credit to the idea that Lovecraft wrote more than just fiction, then we effectively begin the collapse of potential into a manifest form. Through continued practical application of the rites  of the Necronomicon, energies are given to these ‘thought-forms’ of a Lovecraftian nature. If a mere thought has the ability to collapse potential into being, then as with the biblical word of god which brought forth existence, then the readers of Lovecraft and the magicians who work with the mythos are indeed working with real beings.

Whether the beings existed prior to Lovecraft’s manifestation of them in ‘word’ is merely conjecture to any other than Lovecraft or the Old Ones. They are as real as any other conscious being of a non-manifest form on the archetypal plane.

LISTEN: Here’s 10 Illuminating Manly P. Hall Talks | Evolve + Ascend

I had planned an epic post this week.  The below article with ten amazing videos of Manly P. Hall’s talks must however take precedence.  If you have read his work, then enjoy.  If you have not read his work, then enjoy and then go buy his work.


The post and link:


Manly P. Hall was a titan of esoteric thought in the 20th century. Here’s ten illuminating talks to initiation yourself into the ancient mysteries!

Source: LISTEN: Here’s 10 Illuminating Manly P. Hall Talks | Evolve + Ascend