Recently I have seen a slate of esoteric authors, some of a definitive left-hand path nature, commenting on political situations. There is no wrong in such a comment. When esoteric authors deem it within their remit to comment with bias on politics, they open themselves up to question and often devalue themselves.

When a left-hand path advocate and author openly supports left-wing socialist politics, there is a major conflict of ideologies. One is unable to espouse the sovereignty of the individual over the herd whilst simultaneously decrying those who seek to reward those who work to elevate themselves above the herd. The herd protects the herd. The left-hand path adept has need of the herd, yet they must always remember that the herd will seek to eradicate those who seek to change status or elevate themselves above the herd. My advice — if you are an advocate of the left-hand path, then stay out of political commentary and recall that democracy is the final stage in the decline of governmental forms according to (the wiser than thou art) Socrates and Plato.

Remember: Socialism is the tyranny of the herd (Nietzsche)