Nothing gives me more pleasure than when multiple ideas resultant from varied fields of study suddenly click into a syncretic whole.  Given my general fields of study include philosophy, psychology, mythology, and quantum mechanics then such is not too surprising.  The links between philosophy and psychology are natural and apparent.  Jung cemented the links of psychology and mythology through his work.  Quantum theory ultimately requires psychology (see Robert Anton Wilson’s work Quantum Psychology and Rosenblum and Kuttner’s Quantum Enigma), a requirement which has profound philosophical implications.   Further studies in yoga, Runology, and alchemy typically cross these boundaries and can be classified as psychology-philosophy in broad terms.

The surprising ‘click’ came from my study within daemonology/daemonolatry.  Jake Stratton-Kent’s The True Grimoire has just tied together the entirety of my study.  Connections between daemonology and mythology are a given, as are those between alchemy and daemonolatry.  What I was not expecting was a link between daemonology and quantum mechanics.  The link is not made by Statton-Kent, it is a link of my own thesis that will be apparent to those whom read my forthcoming second book.  Stratton-Kent has however reorganised (excellently I must add) and corrected the mistake laden works of the Grimoire Verum/ Red Dragon/ Green Butterfly.  An aspect of his correction made the ‘click’ for myself.

The purpose of the post is merely to express the joy at such moments.  With a wealth of research available to the scholar like never before, the potential for anyone to find such amazing connections is unparalleled.  We are blessed with the liberal age in the Western world and that we have internet access and retailers whom make available any and all texts for our studies.  There is no excuse for procrastination once upon the path.



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