Is spooky action at a distance responsible for spookiness between our ears ?

The answers to consciousness will indeed involve quantum physics. There is much to be realised in this field. To do so requires a conversation of quantum physicists, philosophers and theologians.


Year 2015 proved to be another great year for lovers of science. We have made significant strides towards advancing scientific inquiry of nature.

We not only filled the seventh row of periodic table, we detected new subatomic particles and found a massive mass (possibly blackhole of six million solar masses) lurking at centre of our home galaxy.

While sifting through a huge haul of bones (in a small dark chamber at the back of a cave in South Africa) we found our long lost relative i.e a new species of humans (Homonaledi).

We have made A 26-year-old paraplegic man walk by rerouting signals from his brain to knees.

We not only sequenced and published the epigenome, we found genes essential for cell survival by switching off, one by one, almost 18,000 genes (i.e. 90 per cent of the entire human genome).

First time we captured light as both wave and particle as well as slowed down…

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