Where is the natural law?  In Mesopotamian myth, the gods created disease and other means by which the population of man would be restrained.  How has man then grown to such an extent that we outstrip the means of the planet to provide for our needs?

The tough question that must be asked is:  Is our humanity ultimately our weakness?  Evolution is impossible where the weak and feeble outnumber, subsequently overpowering through democratic fallacy, the strong.   What we have here is an ant-hill where the Queen is ruled by the workers.  Nothing ever gets done.

In humanitarian aid, do we stay the hand of natural law that otherwise would keep the population to manageable numbers and prevent overpopulation from ultimately bringing about our destruction?  The sustainability eco-warriors want to save everyone and everything, yet true sustainability comes only through adherence to natural law.  Sustainability is less of an issue if humanitarian socialism were to interfere less.

I vividly recall many Wildlife on One episodes, where David Attenborough explained how it was not the place of the camera crews to intervene in natures ways as they left some wimpering young animal to perish beside its dead mother.  We willingly practise euthanasia upon animals.  Why do we hold all of man to be above the natural?  To do so, we defy the basic law of evolution.  Such sees the herd outnumber the elite.  Democracy results from such a situation.   Socrates warns of the descent of government into it’s lowest form — that of democracy.  Out of democracy, the great tyrant shall arise and impose his will, birthing a new aristocracy.



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