the process…

The last five months have seen a cessation in activity for the blog.  I have diverted my energies towards work upon my second book.   As the work is almost complete, I will place a renewed focus upon the blog.  Such is the nature of Being however, that the form of the blog will change to reflect the changes resultant from the work upon the book.

The frequency of blog posts will increase to a minimum of at least one short article per week, with short Twitter style posts in addition to this.  The topics will vary and include all aspects I deem central to my work towards self-deification: alchemy, runology, comparative mythology, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, theology, and a general commentary allied to the left-hand path.  The themes are likely to be of less interest to Heathen’s who read some of my older posts.  Indeed, the evolution of my views on Odin and Yggdrasil and their relation to the left-hand path and alchemy are not likely to be welcome in many Heathen groups.

The written work will largely exclude any aspect of developmental written work for future books, yet the short articles posted on this blog will complement the overall body of work.  It is not my aim to provide popular or easily accessible written work for the plebeian.  The articles will form a key which will be of value as and when required in the mind of the individual.  Comprehension will come as required, when ready.

So it is now only left to offer a welcome to readers old and new.



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