Nothing gives me more pleasure than when multiple ideas resultant from varied fields of study suddenly click into a syncretic whole.  Given my general fields of study include philosophy, psychology, mythology, and quantum mechanics then such is not too surprising.  The links between philosophy and psychology are natural and apparent.  Jung cemented the links of psychology and mythology through his work.  Quantum theory ultimately requires psychology (see Robert Anton Wilson’s work Quantum Psychology and Rosenblum and Kuttner’s Quantum Enigma), a requirement which has profound philosophical implications.   Further studies in yoga, Runology, and alchemy typically cross these boundaries and can be classified as psychology-philosophy in broad terms.

The surprising ‘click’ came from my study within daemonology/daemonolatry.  Jake Stratton-Kent’s The True Grimoire has just tied together the entirety of my study.  Connections between daemonology and mythology are a given, as are those between alchemy and daemonolatry.  What I was not expecting was a link between daemonology and quantum mechanics.  The link is not made by Statton-Kent, it is a link of my own thesis that will be apparent to those whom read my forthcoming second book.  Stratton-Kent has however reorganised (excellently I must add) and corrected the mistake laden works of the Grimoire Verum/ Red Dragon/ Green Butterfly.  An aspect of his correction made the ‘click’ for myself.

The purpose of the post is merely to express the joy at such moments.  With a wealth of research available to the scholar like never before, the potential for anyone to find such amazing connections is unparalleled.  We are blessed with the liberal age in the Western world and that we have internet access and retailers whom make available any and all texts for our studies.  There is no excuse for procrastination once upon the path.



Is spooky action at a distance responsible for spookiness between our ears ?

The answers to consciousness will indeed involve quantum physics. There is much to be realised in this field. To do so requires a conversation of quantum physicists, philosophers and theologians.


Year 2015 proved to be another great year for lovers of science. We have made significant strides towards advancing scientific inquiry of nature.

We not only filled the seventh row of periodic table, we detected new subatomic particles and found a massive mass (possibly blackhole of six million solar masses) lurking at centre of our home galaxy.

While sifting through a huge haul of bones (in a small dark chamber at the back of a cave in South Africa) we found our long lost relative i.e a new species of humans (Homonaledi).

We have made A 26-year-old paraplegic man walk by rerouting signals from his brain to knees.

We not only sequenced and published the epigenome, we found genes essential for cell survival by switching off, one by one, almost 18,000 genes (i.e. 90 per cent of the entire human genome).

First time we captured light as both wave and particle as well as slowed down…

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Understanding comes before criticism

Over the last five years of self-directed study, I have adopted the approach that before I may criticise any belief or philosophy, I must firstly understand it.

My beliefs are as clear as possible — a pandeistic, Odinist upon the left-hand path, Yeah. Understand it before you criticise. To understand, you will need to read my second and third books.  Once you have read those, then you need to apply some of the ideas practically.  Knowledge requires both wisdom and practical understanding.  To KNOW is to think and experience.

In order to arrive at my present stage, I have taken upon myself to read a variety of texts. I have a good grasp of Celtic, Finnish, Greek, Hindu, Mesopotamian, and Norse mythology, Mesopotamian mythology is essential before I can seriously study the Abrahamic faiths. Firstly however, I must conclude my study of Egyptian mythology. Then I will tackle the King James Bible, the Qu’ran, and the Book of Mormon, along with some Qabalistic and alchemical works. The subsequent task will then prove to be Buddhism.

I am confident in my beliefs to undertake such a study. I would expect any critic of my beliefs to at least attempt an understanding before launching an attack or query. I offer them the same. I aim not to attack, merely to understand in order that I can defend my theology to those upon these other paths. I even resorted to a study of Richard Dawkin’s, with a view to a comprehension of the core atheist beliefs. Yes, I term the atheist views as ‘beliefs’. I will at some time explain why only a non-theistic Satanist is any where near to the claim of atheist.


I may as well summarise that comment on atheism. The atheist claims to hold the opinion that they are evolutionists and that there is no evidence for deity. Aside from the frankly poor arguments of Dawkin’s, the atheist fails in this claim on grounds of their ethics. A true evolutionist would descend into eugenics. Most atheists refrain from such.  They hold human life sacred and above nature, thus they interfere to provide ‘humane Samaritan’ aid. Their socio-ethical views are dictated by the belief that the evolutionary system which would kill the weak is wrong. As such, only the non-theistic Satanist, whom holds themselves superior and above the plebeian herds, is near approach to true atheism.  However, the use of theistic imagery and names prevents the non-theistic Satanist from a true objective atheism that has no reliance upon ritual, imagery, or archetype.  Is the reliance upon such imagery by non-theistic Satanist’s mere showmanship as a cry for attention, or is it evidence of an underlying reluctance to wholly abandon the notion of a non-causal being?

Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain & Why Big Pharma Won’t Study It | Collective-Evolution

This technique works wonders for my own body system.  Break away from the mandated feeding patterns of the ‘herd’ and eat as the wild predator does — when you are hungry and food is available.  I refrain from food between 11pm and 11am daily.  It often extends to between 10pm and 12pm.  It is easy once you become acclimatised to it.


Below is a TEDx talk given by Mark Mattson, the current Chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging. He is also a professor of Neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University, and one of the foremost researchers in the area of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying multiple neurodegenerative disorders, like Parkinson’s […]

Source: Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain & Why Big Pharma Won’t Study It | Collective-Evolution

How To: “Alternate Nostril Breathing” Technique Provides Instant Drug-Free Anxiety Relief – Expanded Consciousness

Vivikenanda wrote of the benefits of this in his Raja Yoga.  Read on and try it to balance the Chi.

If you have some sort of anxiety disorder or even just feel that you are anxious more often than you should be then you know just how debilitating it can be.  Not only does anxiety make it incredibly hard for one to function normally, but anxiety is mentally and emotionally taxing.  According to the Anxiety …

Source: How To: “Alternate Nostril Breathing” Technique Provides Instant Drug-Free Anxiety Relief – Expanded Consciousness


Where is the natural law?  In Mesopotamian myth, the gods created disease and other means by which the population of man would be restrained.  How has man then grown to such an extent that we outstrip the means of the planet to provide for our needs?

The tough question that must be asked is:  Is our humanity ultimately our weakness?  Evolution is impossible where the weak and feeble outnumber, subsequently overpowering through democratic fallacy, the strong.   What we have here is an ant-hill where the Queen is ruled by the workers.  Nothing ever gets done.

In humanitarian aid, do we stay the hand of natural law that otherwise would keep the population to manageable numbers and prevent overpopulation from ultimately bringing about our destruction?  The sustainability eco-warriors want to save everyone and everything, yet true sustainability comes only through adherence to natural law.  Sustainability is less of an issue if humanitarian socialism were to interfere less.

I vividly recall many Wildlife on One episodes, where David Attenborough explained how it was not the place of the camera crews to intervene in natures ways as they left some wimpering young animal to perish beside its dead mother.  We willingly practise euthanasia upon animals.  Why do we hold all of man to be above the natural?  To do so, we defy the basic law of evolution.  Such sees the herd outnumber the elite.  Democracy results from such a situation.   Socrates warns of the descent of government into it’s lowest form — that of democracy.  Out of democracy, the great tyrant shall arise and impose his will, birthing a new aristocracy.


Dogmatic Attention Seekers

Echoes much of my own thoughts on the matter. The LHP is rapidly becoming a front of atheism that will tolerate no theism. To be atheist and hold onto ‘Satan’ in iconography is a mere publicity stunt. Groups should avoid the use of any theistic iconography if they are atheist — otherwise, it is mere carnival foolery as LaVey resorted to. A good article.

The Luciferian next door

There is something that has been on my mind for quite a while and though I very much hold a live and let live philosophy, I don’t think I can bite my tongue any longer. I feel that in the Left Hand Path’s attempt to be “mainstream” as we see with modern Luciferian movements, a huge amount of the darkness and individuality which is the very lifeblood of the LHP is getting lost.

There is a very active attempt to water down the philosophies for public consumption. No different from how LaVey made a mockery of Satanism in the sixties. Now I’ll admit that as an occultist, the man had brilliant insights, but nevertheless he turned Satanism into a trashy, pretentious, joke of a philosophy. There is no doubt that being a laughing stock is better than being persecuted, and maybe that was the point of it all. But isn’t it about…

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The Lone Wanderer: a Journey to Asgard



Here is a link to what is now an old book by myself.  Written when I found myself at a point of clarity as to the path before myself, I documented the journey so far in the hope that it could assist others.
Although the style is less academic than my latest works, the book is brief and clear in the assistance it offers to anyone questioning their own beliefs and searching for a theistic path.  The book details the process undertaken by myself as I investigated various religions, both mainstream and pagan, before settling upon a left-hand Odinic path.
Worth a read.  Available in all Amazon markets and via Kindle.

If you had a time machine and could kidnap three great minds…

There are three men whose visions and work I hold in total reverence.  The work of these three has been effective as revelation  and  has kindled the inner flame upon which I forge myself.

The first is Dr. Stephen E. Flowers (otherwise, Edred Thorsson).  Flowers’ work upon Runology, Odin, and left-hand path mysticism has inspire every aspect of my studies.  The results of these studies have impacted my life.  After an initial and unexplained attraction towards the Runes, it was the work of Flowers which led me ever towards the left-hand path and away from standard Heathenism.  To see Odin, one needs to be upon the same path, otherwise one is only seeing a mere shadow.

Friedrich Nietzsche is however, the great inspiration.  The works of Nietzsche cemented so much of my own thought patterns.  The strength of character that Nietzsche embodied in the face of critical and popular ignorance of his efforts gives an idea to the value of his work that he continued to write despite the lack of audience.  Nietzsche, as he suspected, was a man ahead of his time.  Nietzsche is essential reading for those upon the left-hand path.  The realisation of this alignment of thought further affirmed my own path.  Nietzsche wrote instinctively with regards to the potential of man, the importance and value of the will, and the vitality of the individual and independence from the masses.

Carl Gustav Jung is second only to Nietzsche in terms of my valuation of great intellects.  I am inclined to agree with Christopher Hyatt, whom deemed Jung the great magus of the 20th Century.  Indeed, Jung’s interpretation of alchemy and various other occult arts into the application of psychology are invaluable.   Sigmund Freud would have never grasped the truth of alchemical texts, he instead found only sexual symbolism in them.  Jung’s development of these into the idea of the collective unconscious and the development of the self through combination of the ego centre with such are inherent requirements in the pursuit of self-deification.  Even Jung’s analysis of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra is a tour-de-force in the analysis of a great mind by an equal.  Jung’s assessment that Nietzsche’s final madness was the result of his inflation by the archetypal old-wise man, in the form of Zarathustra, suggests perhaps a cautionary tale for those who experiment with invocation.  In the presence of an archetypal god, only the strong survive without destruction of the self.

If I found myself in possession of the phone-booth time machine from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, tasked with collection of three great persons for attendance to a dinner party or collegiate seminar, then it is the trio of Flowers, Nietzsche, and Jung whom I would collect.  Such would produce an incredible collective discussion of the work of self-deification.

Ah, now how does quantum theory allow me to manifest such a reality…