Going through changes…

As with all things, change happens.  In pursuit of the remanifestation of the self, certain objectives have to be met.

On the verge of my last four days of full-time employment and a week away from a relocation and new home, I have not been able to prioritise posts here.  Time is short and my esoteric research and philosophical thought has been directed into other works that are long standing projects.

Winston Churchill once said, “when going through hell, keep going”.  Such a quote is currently appropriate to the chaos and complications of a house move in England, a change in work role, and a change in family situation as we move to a more family-centric setting.  The added bonus is that I have a chance to create a new outward persona for public consumption and also gain time to work on my occult philosophic pursuits.

Ultimately, I will blog more after the relocation and the blogs may also include some minor sections from larger projects.  I will see what information I deem suitable to share.  It is important not to share the keys to nuclear physics with a rabid-monkey after all.

I have however rediscovered brief moments to create art.  I will share the occasional piece here.

The first piece of art is titled:Ragnarok — the remanifestation begins

Ragnarok -- the remanifestation begins, by Asruthr Cyneathsson

Ragnarok — the remanifestation begins, by Asruthr Cyneathsson


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