Invoking the archetypes for expanded consciousness

Recently I have been experimenting with the Goetia as a means of invocation. Taking the daemons as forms of consciousness without a manifest form, deeming them to be as Jung would have termed archetypes along with gods, and using the invocation to open unused neural networks of the mind. 

Yesterday I had a moment of enlightenment as I have only experienced once before. The connection of so much of the formula I have been working on was a revelation. Connecting my work on philosophy, psychology, quantum physics, anthropology, and mythology in a simple diagram. I now truly understand so many symbols of being- the enneagram and qabalah are other versions. To truly see how this represents what we know as “being” changes my future actions. I have the components to mastery and have now found the user guide. 

Nothing. I become and I am. 


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