Beetle Tracks – Notes on the Prince of Darkness (iv): My Take

Beetle Tracks – Notes on the Prince of Darkness (iv): My Take.


Yet another amazing post from this blog.  Equating the principle of forms, Set to Odin and with a detailed comprehension of the subject.

I will stop reposting this blog — you get the point now.


Discovery of quantum vibrations in ‘microtubules’ inside brain neurons supports controversial theory of consciousness — ScienceDaily

Discovery of quantum vibrations in ‘microtubules’ inside brain neurons supports controversial theory of consciousness — ScienceDaily.


Science finally begins to acknowledge the very things it denied in its infancy.  Consciousness – check.  Potential parallel universes from quantum physics – check.  Surely the origin of gods/archetypes is next?

Invoking the archetypes for expanded consciousness

Recently I have been experimenting with the Goetia as a means of invocation. Taking the daemons as forms of consciousness without a manifest form, deeming them to be as Jung would have termed archetypes along with gods, and using the invocation to open unused neural networks of the mind. 

Yesterday I had a moment of enlightenment as I have only experienced once before. The connection of so much of the formula I have been working on was a revelation. Connecting my work on philosophy, psychology, quantum physics, anthropology, and mythology in a simple diagram. I now truly understand so many symbols of being- the enneagram and qabalah are other versions. To truly see how this represents what we know as “being” changes my future actions. I have the components to mastery and have now found the user guide. 

Nothing. I become and I am. 

The Universal Mind

Working in depth throughout 2015 and possibly the next two years on the concept of the Universal mind. I can report outstanding results so far.

Araignee Arcane


We have been requested to write about The Universal Mind and how to “link up” to this infinite source of Occult power. Consider this as a sort of “tutorial” to better understand The Universal Mind.


Before we can expand more on the Universal Mind though, we will have to explain a key factor concerning it: Ether. You all have either read or heard about Ether before, and others are already working with Ether – consciously or subconsciously.

There are many neat theoretical explanations about Ether, however these theoretical explanations don’t say much – it’s exactly what it is: armchair theory. Even though a few of these theories are correct, they merely skim the surface of it – you have to work with it in order to fully understand it.

Here’s an excerpt from the elusive “Hexagradior” concerning Ether, which we find a very comprehensive piece…

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