Incense Recipes

Making your own incense is essential. Only in this manner will you know what ingredients are contained within and why. A word or two of warning though — some incense blends can and do have toxic effects. A well ventilated space is essential. I have poisoned myself too many times when creating incense blends to achieve desired effects. The goal was achieved, although the vomiting and headaches that followed were not pleasant. Know what you are doing and be prepared should you get it wrong.

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Making your own incense allows you to use fragrances and blends that you particularly enjoy. Read about how to make incense, and then try some of the following recipes.

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Further remanifestations

March 2015 is proving to truly be the time of new growth.  Regardless of the mechanistic cycles of Vanaheim, the flow of my Wyrd is such that odd years always prove to be the seasons of growth.  

During this month we have identified the secure future for my family, secured employment for my wife and I have formally notified my employer of my pending retirement.  To retire from the herd at the age of 34 is itself a remanifestation of my functional physicality within this realm.  The time I gain will be donated to the task of inspiring and educating my daughter whilst furthering my theory and pursuit of my philosophical theory of oneness.  My growth as a LHP adept will accelerate towards its full potential.  I grasp now the realisation of what reality is more than ever and control it in accordance with my will.  If you take offence at such, then that is your weakness.  A strong conscious mind would not allow my perception to alter your own.  This is my world and I am the Lord of my world. 

The next task is to secure a suitable home for my family in which I can further my tasks and also host small groups of others whom have engaged the pursuit of their potential for being.  I will also further my reputation as a reader of tarot and runes, offer myself for exorcisms and pursue the finalisation of my theories and their publication.  I will likely Lao combine my pursuits with the actions of a paranormal investigation as I seek to find proof to support my theories and demonstrate my skills at exorcisms and banishings.  I fear no demon or spirit for I have realised their nature as my own. 

Services for banishings, exorcisms, readings and protection spells are available throughout the north west of England. 

Northern Lights and the pending Spring Equinox — not forgetting the Solar Eclipse


LINK: Northern Lights Pictures Flood Twitter As North England Treated To Aurora Borealis.

Click the link and check out the Huffington Post UK’s brilliant compilation of reader pictures from last nights Northern Lights display that hit England.  For those elsewhere, the Northern Lights are rarely seen as far south as England and Ireland — generally, you would travel to Northern Scotland to catch even a glimpse.

With such a wondrous event occurring mere days before the Spring Equinox, ones mind begins to wonder at what may be unfolding.

Further consideration is then required once the perfect synchronisation of the solar eclipse on Friday is realised.  A solar eclipse timed perfectly with the Spring Equinox?  A thousand years ago and the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe would have engaged in mass suicide at the sight of the Sun they welcomed back at the end of Winter then being devoured before their eyes in a solar eclipse!  Add in the coincidence that the Northern Lights have reached further south than normal — into the very regions which will witness the eclipse and you have a threefold event.

Meditation upon the possible significance is a pre-requisite.  There are more variants upon the symbology of this three-fold coincidence than I would care to describe here and now.

In summary:  Massive Northern Lights display in Northern Europe in the days preceding the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox and a solar eclipse in Norther Europe.  My mind is buzzing at the synchronicity here.  Tie this with the fact that I made a very symbolic adjustment to my own appearance last night and my mind just hit the ceiling.

Excuse me whilst I collect my mind from the light fittings!



How to Hack Your Flow: Live Life at the Limits and Boost Productivity | The Art of Manliness

How to Hack Your Flow: Live Life at the Limits and Boost Productivity | The Art of Manliness.


A great post and very useful for those looking to hack their mind and exceed the bounds of that which they are — progressing only towards that which you may be.


I strongly recommend the book :

Flow: The Psychology of Happiness: The Classic Work on How to Achieve Happiness by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly