Playing the odds

One of the most basic and yet effective forms of magic is that of chaos.  Chaos mandates that any and all things have the potential to manifest.  The skill is in manipulating the series of events that manifest within your experience — thus controlling that which comes into being in your world.

The art here is in perceiving the likely manifestations within the field of chaos potential, then shifting the flow of your experience so as to increase the potential for the desired occurrence to interact with your sequential experiences.   By altering ones perceptions of past experiences, it is possible to alter the past (as it is relative only to your interpretation) and shape the potential future beyond you.

I visualise both time and chaos as the weave of the Norn.   The Norn work on a massive tapestry of events.  The sequence of experiences that we refer to as time is our thread within the pattern.  The future is only defined within the core events that MUST manifest according to the Norn — not even the gods may alter these.  All else is open to potential and any good seamstress is able to go back and slightly alter a past pattern and thus shift the future manifestation of the thread.  The three Norn work simultaneously on the tapestry — what we perceive at the past is being woven at the same time as the present and future.  Here we find the potential to alter all things.

By stepping back from our own experience and viewing the events of our life as a pattern,  we may see the recurring themes as if we are reading a book and we “know” where the author is going with a plot.  Here we find ourselves able to perceive future events.  Using this objective viewing of our experiences, we may see which events have greater potential to manifest in our future experiential lines — steering our life in order to increase the chances of a successful interaction with them is the key to magic.

Imagine that you are a bird in the sky — the events you desire are represented by the clouds.  By altering the course of your flow, you increase the chance of you flying through the desired event cloud.  Altering your life to increase the odds is vital.  If you are looking for a job, then actually applying for ten jobs you desire will clearly increase the chances of your success.  If you are an armchair occultist — you will achieve nothing without actually putting some of your theory into practice.  After all,  knowledge requires praxis in order that you may truly have it.

In my own perception of time, I find myself at the edge of the chasm.  My family is about to embark on a great adventure that seems increasingly likely to leave behind many threads as it takes up new ones.  The potential occurrences before us that mandate a cutting of threads increasingly out number the potential for those that retain some ties to our current world.  When we step out over the chasm and grasp outwards at the threads, we have a greater chance of grasping one which will create a new world for us.  Everyday we find something new increasing the number and strength of these threads and the potential is ever harder to deny.  My world has already changed massively in the last 9 months.  I am not who I was — in both an atomic and conscious mind manner.  I feel as if I follow the steps of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and have awakened, walked out onto the mountain and now find myself ready to leap off.





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