Anyone who knows me, the three people that do anyway, knows enough of my beliefs to understand why I devote so much effort to the practice of self-education and study.

Working my way through the somewhat immense and impressive body of work produced by C.G. Jung, I have began to see that I am somewhat progressed significantly along the lines of individuation as Jung would term it.  My own self analysis was completed in 2010 as part of a process of finding myself and my theological beliefs.

2014 was the year in which I began the process of remanifestation.  Through the death and dissolution of everything beyond my nuclear family life, a rebirth was forced upon me.  As a result of the process of self-discovery, philosophical, psychological, and magical studies on which I had embarked with an intensity I had never employed whilst in academic study, I found my path.  The tattoo’s upon my arms defined a statement of dedication and intent. 2014 saw me realise the second remanifestation of my being.  My first was when I undertook the analysis of my own self and beliefs.  This second remanifestation resulted in my no longer being who I thought I “should be” in order to meet the expectations of others.  My wife and daughter support my work and who I have become — they see that I am now embracing the man they already knew I was.  What I realise now more than ever is that by opening up and being myself, I have immediately altered the way in which I am perceived. Some people are blind to it, some people come to me for advice, some fear me.  Those that have began seeking guidance from myself will receive honesty.  Those that fear some of the things I practice are perhaps better off for fearing the darkness.. Seeing what lays beyond the dark veil would scar them.

The truth is that I do not care.  I am involved in a work beyond the comprehension of the masses — some things are not meant for everyone to understand.  Weapons and certain other things in the world should perhaps be tagged with a user competence test — stupidity would soon cease.


Marilyn Manson once wrote lyrics that perfectly capture my current state of being:


when we were good You just closed your eyes

So when we are bad

We’ll scar your minds


A wise man indeed.








One thought on “Self-study

  1. That’s the thing about Self-Awareness:

    You become more aware of everything around you, not just of yourself. This was the kind of experience I remember well. It all started with a strong desire to find answers elsewhere, all because I was not getting the right answers from where I was, then.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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