To live

“To live badly and not wisely or temperately or piously, Democrates said, is not to live but to spend a long time dying” Porphyry.

Truly, Demcritus knew how to live.


Playing the odds

One of the most basic and yet effective forms of magic is that of chaos.  Chaos mandates that any and all things have the potential to manifest.  The skill is in manipulating the series of events that manifest within your experience — thus controlling that which comes into being in your world.

The art here is in perceiving the likely manifestations within the field of chaos potential, then shifting the flow of your experience so as to increase the potential for the desired occurrence to interact with your sequential experiences.   By altering ones perceptions of past experiences, it is possible to alter the past (as it is relative only to your interpretation) and shape the potential future beyond you.

I visualise both time and chaos as the weave of the Norn.   The Norn work on a massive tapestry of events.  The sequence of experiences that we refer to as time is our thread within the pattern.  The future is only defined within the core events that MUST manifest according to the Norn — not even the gods may alter these.  All else is open to potential and any good seamstress is able to go back and slightly alter a past pattern and thus shift the future manifestation of the thread.  The three Norn work simultaneously on the tapestry — what we perceive at the past is being woven at the same time as the present and future.  Here we find the potential to alter all things.

By stepping back from our own experience and viewing the events of our life as a pattern,  we may see the recurring themes as if we are reading a book and we “know” where the author is going with a plot.  Here we find ourselves able to perceive future events.  Using this objective viewing of our experiences, we may see which events have greater potential to manifest in our future experiential lines — steering our life in order to increase the chances of a successful interaction with them is the key to magic.

Imagine that you are a bird in the sky — the events you desire are represented by the clouds.  By altering the course of your flow, you increase the chance of you flying through the desired event cloud.  Altering your life to increase the odds is vital.  If you are looking for a job, then actually applying for ten jobs you desire will clearly increase the chances of your success.  If you are an armchair occultist — you will achieve nothing without actually putting some of your theory into practice.  After all,  knowledge requires praxis in order that you may truly have it.

In my own perception of time, I find myself at the edge of the chasm.  My family is about to embark on a great adventure that seems increasingly likely to leave behind many threads as it takes up new ones.  The potential occurrences before us that mandate a cutting of threads increasingly out number the potential for those that retain some ties to our current world.  When we step out over the chasm and grasp outwards at the threads, we have a greater chance of grasping one which will create a new world for us.  Everyday we find something new increasing the number and strength of these threads and the potential is ever harder to deny.  My world has already changed massively in the last 9 months.  I am not who I was — in both an atomic and conscious mind manner.  I feel as if I follow the steps of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and have awakened, walked out onto the mountain and now find myself ready to leap off.




Why I do not forgive

I am often described as being harsh and unforgiving.  I have reasons.

The foundations of justice is that a criminal should give compensation equal to the harm done to the victim.  If the victim loses the ability to work for themselves, then the criminal should provide for that person — here we find the origin of the scales of justice.  For those well versed in the lore of Iceland, you may also recall that a persistent criminal who holds no respect for the laws of the community may be deemed an outlaw.  Outlaws exist outside of the bounds of the law — thus, they exist outside of its restraints and protection.  The common ending for many an Icelandic outlaw was that they were pursued by a mob organised by the victims who were seeking the death of the criminal.  As the criminal was deemed an outlaw, then they were beyond the protection offered by the law under the crime of murder.

In terms of apologies, these form the most basic compensation offered to a victim in our modern society.  To say the words “I am sorry” carries little emotional content, no psychological investment and financial penalty.  The true power of the apology actually lays with the criminal.  The expectation in our twisted society of morals is that the victim is to accept such an apology and forgive the crime against them.  Here is where I take issue with apologies.  If you massively offend or inconvenience me in any way, then a simple apology is insufficient as an act of compensation.  In refusing your apology, I claim and retain the power over you an hold you in my debt.  I do not forgive, as the criminal offering an apology is forcing the hand of the victim — thus the criminal is claiming further power over the victim in forcing them to forgive.  If you damage my property, I expect you to repair or replace it — “sorry” is insufficient and I will hold you in debt until you manifest sufficient compensation.


“Sorry” is an acceptance of guilt.  It is not compensation and should not be accepted as such.  How often is “sorry” accompanied by the words “I was not thinking,” — such is an excuse and not a reason.  Excuses are pitiful.  If you do something that I deem a crime against my sovereignty, then I would admire you more for saying “I did it in full knowledge of the consequences and I enjoyed it!”  To claim an excuse or regret for your actions simply makes you appear weak.  Why would I grant any power of the apology over myself to someone who acts out of weakness?  Act in bold strength and honesty and I will respect you.  I do not require an apology of a wild animal and neither is its wildness an excuse for its behaviour.  An animal attacks because I have made it feel as if threatened and it deems that it is not able to flee and must attack.  The animal resorts to act of strength in the will to survive.  Pleading, begging forgiveness is the weak act of cowardice as they attempt one final emotional tactic to engender a position of emotional superiority above their victim.


Be strong.  Accept no apology and offer the compensatory level that you deem to be required.  Hold the axe above the criminal until they provide such a level of compensation.


Crime.  Punishment.  No regrets means no forgiveness.  Live under the rule of Eternal Recurrence.




Anyone who knows me, the three people that do anyway, knows enough of my beliefs to understand why I devote so much effort to the practice of self-education and study.

Working my way through the somewhat immense and impressive body of work produced by C.G. Jung, I have began to see that I am somewhat progressed significantly along the lines of individuation as Jung would term it.  My own self analysis was completed in 2010 as part of a process of finding myself and my theological beliefs.

2014 was the year in which I began the process of remanifestation.  Through the death and dissolution of everything beyond my nuclear family life, a rebirth was forced upon me.  As a result of the process of self-discovery, philosophical, psychological, and magical studies on which I had embarked with an intensity I had never employed whilst in academic study, I found my path.  The tattoo’s upon my arms defined a statement of dedication and intent. 2014 saw me realise the second remanifestation of my being.  My first was when I undertook the analysis of my own self and beliefs.  This second remanifestation resulted in my no longer being who I thought I “should be” in order to meet the expectations of others.  My wife and daughter support my work and who I have become — they see that I am now embracing the man they already knew I was.  What I realise now more than ever is that by opening up and being myself, I have immediately altered the way in which I am perceived. Some people are blind to it, some people come to me for advice, some fear me.  Those that have began seeking guidance from myself will receive honesty.  Those that fear some of the things I practice are perhaps better off for fearing the darkness.. Seeing what lays beyond the dark veil would scar them.

The truth is that I do not care.  I am involved in a work beyond the comprehension of the masses — some things are not meant for everyone to understand.  Weapons and certain other things in the world should perhaps be tagged with a user competence test — stupidity would soon cease.


Marilyn Manson once wrote lyrics that perfectly capture my current state of being:


when we were good You just closed your eyes

So when we are bad

We’ll scar your minds


A wise man indeed.







The Valknut [Ask Me About Odin]

A great article on the Valknut. Naturally, I am marked with this sign and had this done as an act of self-sacrifice, offering myself to the development of myself under the tutorship of the Allfather. I await the day of my glorious physical death once my mind has reached a level of deification.