Thoughtform Theory and Its Innate Limitations

An interesting post on a topic very close to my own beliefs and views. Although I do adhere to the gods as being archetypes, I view these as being the precursive character traits in a similar manner to those of Vladimir Propp — the archetypes are the forms of which our own psychological essence is composed and mixed. To know your own dominant archetype is to find your god. I have a theory which expands this even further along a Hegellian/Cartesian/Jungian/Nietzschean thought process. That theory is not for the internet and the plebeian. Check out this original post and the interesting blog.

The Luciferian Revolution

I didn’t expect to making this particular post, but something has been nagging at me to discuss for awhile, and I think it bears bringing up. However, before I launch into it, I would first like to say I hope everyone had a good Winter Solstice. My on solstice was a personal and introspective one, and I got a lot of of it. Hope others did also. With that said, I’d like to move into the next topic.

This topic is the occult belief, and its modern interpretation, surrounding thought forms and through them, eggregores. For those who are not familiar with these terms, I will give a brief and very shallow overview of them below.

The idea of thoughtform originates from Tibet, from Buddhist belief. A thoughtform or ‘Tulpas’ as they are known are described as a being, object or some other such form that is created through the…

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