Interview : Maciej Goraczko

Stunning work and a great interview- check it out!


407347_173376562770488_1085216435_nThe first time I laid eyes on the work of Polish photographer Maciej Goraczko my reaction was purely physical. I felt my stomach lurch and my heart thump like a tribal drum beat. I had to look away for a minute or two, then go back to scrolling and viewing one damnable image after another. That’s what happens when I encounter the work of an artist who satisfies my obscure addiction to fear. Even before I had finished looking through his photography, I had decided that I needed to understand his motivation and inspiration.

What motivates you to create photography and share it with the world?
First of all it’s always fun to attack and profane some sort of order. I think that beauty, fashion, glamour photography, and the whole reality surrounding it is repulsive, so I create something deformed on that foundation. Something stripped of humanity, bleak, without a…

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