My great work

About six months ago I had a realisation during a mediation.  What occurred to me has been so profoundly altering to all aspects of my being.  My theistic, philosophical, ethical, and scientific views of the world shifted.  I have conversed with only two persons with regards to this idea. There are pre-existing works that allude to similar ideas within the works of Nietzsche, Jung, Hegel and others.  Upon its completion, this work will bring about a remanifestation of my being.  The work has no empirical basis and will only shift the perceptions of those it is intended to do so for.  I will likely publish the work in some 2-3 years time as I have three other major pieces to complete prior to the completion of the study and research before the great work can be written.  I write with a passion that allows the words to flow forth once I have decided to write.  The work will come as it should whence it is ready to do so.  The prior works will be philosophical pieces centred around my ideas, another around the Elder Futhark, and the major piece concerns the Allfather.

The overall goals of my life remain — to become all that I can be, the alchemical pursuit.  I continue to shift and define my own views, ethics, philosophy, psychology, and magical techniques in accordance with my mental evolution.

2015 is my year and I am about to begin realising my manifest will upon my perceived world.


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