the power of the mind

Fear not- this post is not a mammoth article. The larger article around this topic will be reserved for a future published work. I reserve these blog articles for shorter forms of exegesis only.

Whilst engaging in a shamanic journey last night, I altered my astral body for the first time. Shifting the astral form of my manifestation to altered scales of size and directly manipulating the perceived realms material through application of the will ties directly with my goals of development. I believe that with sufficient development of the will, an increased electrical boost aside, then we can transfer our thoughts to other matter. Yes, a form of telekinesis. As our brands transpose the will of our mind into electrical signals and computations directing the ultra-complex motions of our bodies, then given the absolute atomical building blocks of the manifest universe there is no reason that this transposition of will can not be affected upon atoms outside of our bodies. Only the power increase required is to be realised.

On a smaller scale, our minds directly shape our experience of the manifest. The brain is a super computer that only receives data. It is our minds that interpret this data as sustenance, danger, pleasure or pain. Through our conscious will, we have the ability to alter our perception of any experience. Thus, pain can become pleasure. Danger can become opportunity. Disasters can become opportunities.

Alter your perception and become.


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