Proximity to history

I have just checked in at my hotel for the night. I hate and despise staying hotels. I dislike travel and will pretty much refuse to fly. Tonight’s hotel at least has one redeeming feature- its proximity to history.

Here in Holburn, I find myself across the road from the legendary Atlantis bookshop, the British museum, and the British library. Whilst the Atlantis bookshop has never held much reverence for myself, the other two do.

The Atlantis bookshop is certainly old and has had some truly magi through its doors over the years. For those that keep note of these things, I do not count Gerald Gardner amongst these. I have never found the store to be that alluring or offer a vast selection. Other stores nearby do however.

Both the museum and library are however home to some historic articles, items, and texts. Tonight, upon my return to the room, I will perform a shamanic journey into the secret vaults of these institutions. Who knows what wights and past masters I will find lingering around these places. I can surely not miss this opportunity to tap into psychic energy and remnants of past magi being so very, very close by.


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