Productive Yule


In the last week, I have been majorly productive.

I have read Nietzsche’s Daybreak, Carroll’s Liber Kaos (more of a re-read), Wilson’s Prometheus Rising (brilliant and amazing book), and Waite’s Book of Ceremonial Magic.

If I had to recommend anything from those to you as your next read it would be Prometheus Rising. This book will expand your knowledge of the workings of the human psyche and give you an understanding of brainwashing techniques. I found Wilson’s ideas aligned extremely well with those of LaVey’s Satanic Witch. Reading those two books together would provide a very rewarding and enlightening source of knowledge. I strongly recommend it.

For anyone with an interest or understanding in physics and the applicability of such to magic, then Carroll’s Liber Kaos is an incredibly brilliant and important text. Read it as soon as you can.

I’ve also managed to churn out a fair few thousand words on various books I am writing along with some analysis work. A series of enlightening meditations and journeys have also turned my mind over in new directions. A visit to look at future houses proved very productive and the plans for the future are in motion. As I have said before, odd years in the common system are very productive for my family and I embrace the turn of the calendar year as I type. Hail and welcome 2015! If 2014 was the year of dissolution in my life, I embrace that which I become in 2015.

Set forth your Oath into Wyrd now…make it true to yourself. Be selfish if you can — being honest will give you a greater chance of realising your desire. I would wish you the best for 2015– unfortunately, I don’t know you or care about you. Be selfish as I said. “It’s all about me” is the attitude for the year.


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